Create a PDF Version of Your Welcome Guide

Once you have the pages in your welcome guide files how you want them in Photoshop make sure to flatten the image and save the pages as .jpegs. Put them in consecutive order in a folder called "welcome guide pdf". In Photoshop select File –Automate – PDF Presentation. When you see the PDF Presentation window pop up highlight the word “Browse” and then select your magazine page files. Once they are all selected choose “Open” and then choose “Save”. When the “Save Adobe PDF” box comes up you can change the Adobe PDF Preset to “Smallest File Size” if you are sending it via e-mail or “High Quality Print” if you are uploading a .pdf to be printed.  

Create a pdf from your welcome guide template

For those of you that may have Photoshop CS5, you will not be able to automate a multi-page .pdf presentation as in other versions of Photoshop.  Luckily there is a quick and easy way to work around this and create a .pdf using Preview.  Watch this quick tutorial to learn how.