Holiday Gift Guide

Make the most of the holiday buying season and maximize your marketing with the Holiday Gift Guide Template.

Just add your images and your product pricing and you are good to go!

This 12 page template is focused on easily up-selling your products this holiday season. 

Pre-written text includes:

*Welcome Text

*Custom Prints

*Acrylic prints

*Photo Sessions

*Gift Cards


*Gallery Wraps

This template is designed to help save you time and help increase your profits by selling add-ons to the items you've already spent time creating - those beautiful images!   

We've even included a holiday frame stock image that you can use to upload your client's photos and send to them.  What could be better than a "customized" gift guide to help boost your sales? 

Photos in this template courtesy Andie Freeman Photography and Kari Me Photography

This template has been designed to be printed at McKenna Pro Lab as a brochure in their Easy Order Press Print catalog.