In this 6 day mini-marketing makeover e-course I will help you give a makeover to your marketing materials. I’ll cover your online presence including your website, bio/about page, portfolio, and testimonials. I’ll also talk about your marketing kit and printed collateral. Every day for 6 consecutive days you’ll receive an e-mail and assignments for you to complete. At the end of week you should feel confident that your marketing materials are up to speed and ready to start bringing in new clients.  

Here's what is included: 

*6 Daily E-mails with assignments.

*2 Interactive worksheets

*BONUS: Coupon code for $19 off a purchase of any templates or marketing materials (valid for 30 days from the start of the course & cannot be combined with other offers). 

**Upcoming class date:  Monday, August 31st thru September 5th, 2015

Please note: When you purchase this course you will get an introduction .pdf containing your coupon code.  Your e-mails will start on August 31st, 2015.  The e-mail address you use to purchase this course will be the one I send your e-mails to, so if you want them sent to a different e-mail address you will need to contact me directly. 

Day 1: How to identify your ideal client:

I’ll give you a list of questions to ask to identify your ideal client. This is the first and most important step in marketing, because if you don’t know who you are marketing to, you won’t know how to reach them.

Day 2: Website

I’ll give you a Checklist of my top 12 things you need to take into consideration when setting up your web presence for effective marketing.

Day 3: Portfolio

You’ll take a look at your portfolio and determine what photos you “should” feature in your portfolio and what photos you “should not” feature.

Day 4: About Page

I’ll give you some tips for writing your bio/about page and what you should include.

Day 5: Testimonials

I’ll give you some ideas on how to get client testimonials if you don’t have them already. I’ll also let you know what testimonials you should feature and why.

Day 6: Printed Marketing Collateral

You’ll analyze your marketing pieces including your welcome kit, business cards and samples and see how you can improve them to stand out from your competition.