E-mail Marketing for Photographers

Email Marketing for Photographers

Your photography business needs an email marketing strategy now. When using e-mail marketing in your photography business, tell people what to expect from your emails. Don't sell or rent your list. Include a special offer for sign-ups. Make your sign-up process very noticeable. 

This Email Marketing for Photographers Course Includes :

  • 28 Videos
  • 3 .pdf files

Email Marketing for Photographers Topics Covered in this Course:

  • Introduction
  • E-mail Marketing Overview
  • How to Choose an E-mail Service Provider
  • Define Your Ideal Client for Your Photography Business
  • Map Your Client's Journey
  • Types of E-mails to Send
  • How to Create Content for Your E-mails
  • Welcome E-mail Series Overview
  • How to Write the Perfect Subject Lines
  • Ways to Collect E-mail Addresses
  • How to Create the Right Lead Magnet for Your Photography Business
  • Lead Magnet Best Practices
  • Grow and Engage with Your List on Autopilot
  • Optimize Your Landing Page
  • Creating an E-mail Content Marketing Strategy
  • E-mail Optimization Tips
  • Which Analytics You Should Focus On
  • How to Get Your E-mails Opened More Often
  • How to Keep Your E-mails Out of the Spam Folder
  • How to Incorporate Your E-mail List with Facebook
  • E-mail Retargeting Strategies
  • Segmenting Your E-mail List
  • How to Create an E-mail in Mailchimp
  • How to Create a Signup Form in Mailchimp
  • How to Create a Pop-Up Form in Mailchimp
  • How to Create a Landing Page in Mailchimp
  • How to Segment Campaigns in Mailchimp
  • E-mail Marketing Chat Recording with Fueza Reis