Senior Welcome Magazine

I highly recommend Magazine Mama’s welcome magazines! The best template I’ve ever purchased by far. The articles were so well written I barely had to change a thing!! Just had them printed and they look great. Can’t wait to present them to clients!

-Shana C.

These will be so helpful to quickly create blog posts and build credibility in my field.   (Personal Brand Blog Posts)
-Jessica B.


Thank you for creating terrific content that I (as a fellow photographer) can use that’s relevant and easy to digest for beginners. I look forward to adding your curriculum to my list of services to offer clients. I look forward to seeing your future content!

-J.M. B

I reviewed the details for the senior guide and what I received was perfect and I already created my template and it's at the printers now and I'm excited to see my final product. 

It’s a GREAT tool to be able to borrow brilliance certainly streamlines the business side of my work/time. So thank you!


Your templates are amazing!  I've been using them for a few weeks and have been getting great feedback on them.  Very professional.

-Ronald G.

I am amazed at how easy this process is in CANVA ... thank you so much for creating this! I am in aww!! :) So happy to finally get this done instead of it sitting on my to do list forever!

(Canva Template Collection: https://www.magazinemama.com/collections/canva-templates-1)

-Terial Q.

 I have purchased products from you and LOVE them! The blog post templates and wedding guide have been a tremendous help in my business. Thank you so much for providing this service. It has saved me time, stress, and my sanity from writing something from scratch without the stress of not knowing what to write. These products have been a true blessing to my business.

-Kayla S.

I just love Canva for designing now and your template is so much nicer than anything else out there for this purpose. 

-Emily S.

Instead of putting off my marketing material, I was able to use the template for a magazine, social media posts and blogs. I saved hours of work by using the template and slightly changing the text to my style. Game changer and worth every penny!

Diana L. (Personal Brand Photography Marketing Template)

I always think I can do everything myself - but I learned how much easier to use a template!!  I put this together after I bought it last night and just spent this morning tweaking it.  DONE!

-Sande (Personal Brand Photographer Welcome Packet Template)

Thank you so much! I absolutely love the guide I purchased  and will be purchasing more! You are a time saver!! 


If I did not say it before, Thank you for your work.... it truly helps us photographers, put together great quick marketing materials without breaking the bank and yet looking amazing with little effort.... (Headshot Welcome Guide and Kids Photography Curriculum)

-Richard R. 

I love the prewritten text and layout of this magazine. It made things easy to just pop in a few photos and send it off to clients! (Wedding Welcome Guide Template)

-Markie J.

Made my life so much easier! I was able to start and finish within 30 minutes. The content is great. (Personal Branding Photography Magazine)

-Arooj A.

I have been using your adult magazine to teach classes locally here in Maine and it was so very helpful for me not to have to create the layout (since I am definitely not a graphic designer!)!! I can't thank you enough for your lovely products!


I’ve been getting a lot of requests to teach some basic photography from my clients and I really don’t have the time to put this material together. When I found your course, it was a life saver!  This will help greatly to further customize what I need to put everything together.  Greatly appreciate you taking the time to prepare and share this information.


"Basic photography course are awesome!!"

Super easy to customize for your own brand! Have bought two now, (the digital photography course and the one for kids) and am loving both!

Jess W. 

Wedding Blog Post Subscription

Subscribing to the Wedding Blog Posts Subscription has helped me tremendously! As an intimate Wedding Photographer and also a Wedding Blogger on my wedding website, it's helped me balance and plan and tweak everything wedding! So happy to have stumbled upon this subscription! It rocks!

-Keilani H.

Wedding Blog Post Subscription

"I have to admit, blogging is one part of my business that I dread.  I'm not a great writer, so I don't do it often enough and I wanted to communicate and connect more with my clients and Facebook fans.  This subscription has allowed me to do exactly that.  It staved off the anxiety of not having a photo blog post ready when I want to post something PLUS, it gives my brides and other readers valuable information.  I've already gotten feedback that people like the informative posts occasionally, to break up the monotony of the photo-heavy posts I usually do.  With this subscription, an informative post is fast and easy!  For the price, I can't think of a better way to spend my money! Thanks!


I bought the  wedding guide and it’s absolutely perfect for my business!! I’m still building it to customize it a bit, but the format is super easy! The text has been a really helpful guide for me to use, I’m really just wording it more personally for myself and my business! I think 16 pages is a really great size so that I don’t overwhelm my clients with too much info, just enough to be a helpful way to beautifully display my images! Would definitely recommend!! 


"As a creative, it’s so frustrating to me how I just cannot seem to come up with clear and concise wording to help my potential clients navigate my site without feeling like they have to read a novel to get the information they need.  Enter ARTICLES VOL. 2 – BUNDLE. I cannot describe how liberating it was to read the words and think, “YES! That’s EXACTLY what I was trying to do all along. Oh why, oh why didn’t I do this sooner! 

Excuse me now… I need to go totally redo my website! This time it will be legible.

Thank you Magazine Mama!!!”

-Delanae L.

"I just started my business in May of this year and have been searching for a welcome guide that would serve the purpose I needed but NOT break the bank. Not only was this affordable, it had pages well written with all of the important information I needed to relay to my clients and was beautifully laid out to include some of my best photos. The layout was very easy to edit and tweak to personalize it and make it unique to my business. To top it off, I was equally as amazed with her quick and extremely helpful customer service."

-Suzette J. 

"I'm a new photographer and was looking for a pre-made template to use to educate brides before their wedding day! I purchased Weddings Welcome Guide 4. I am very pleased with this product because so much pre-written text is included. I can add my own images and add and modify text to personalize it to my liking. Thank you! I'll be back to purchase more products when I'm ready!"

-Kimberly F. 

"I just purchased the wedding welcome guide and it is wonderful. it was very easy to use and came with all the information i wanted to include in my personal guide. i am so excited to create a book for my new brides. i especially loved the section of "what your photographer needs to know" thank you for creating such a great addition to my business." -Audra T. 

"The writing was great which is what I was nervous about when first purchasing these, I highly recommend them now they're great!"

-Danielle F.

"This magazine is perfect and exactly what I have been needing. It made it so easy for me to make a beautiful welcome guide for my brides! Absolutely love it!"

-Katrina K.

"I'm so happy I went ahead with my purchase of this curriculum. I have been teaching for 14 years and consider curriculum design one of my strengths. I thought it would be wasteful to buy a curriculum when I could write my own. However, if it's one thing I've learned through the years is not to reinvent the wheel when you don't have to. I would have been a fool to take hours upon hours to create my own curriculum, let alone take the time to put all of the information in a beautiful and professional layout that you can tweak and place your own images in. The curriculum also does a great job of breaking things down to the basics that are appropriate for its audience. When I look back to the topics I brainstormed for a curriculum, I realized I wasn't "dumbing it down" (for lack of a better term) for parents learning to use their Digital cameras. Sometimes, I think it's easy to forget how much you've learned and what it's like to just start out. That's just one more reason why I love my purchase! With the current price point, you can't lose!"

"I just wanted to say thank you!! I've been putting off buying a template as I am capable of making one, but I simply cannot find the time to do so or stick to a style I am in love with. Your templates I AM in love with and it made the purchasing decision easy... I love love LOVE it!!!  Thank you again for helping bring my work to a standard I am striving to reach in my business."

- Nina Campbell

"Wonderful! Love the design and easy to use! Most of all, LOVE the fact that I don't have to spend time designing it myself!! Thank you Magazine Mama! Always anxious to see what you have in store!"

-Sarah M. (Holiday Mini Session 5x7 Flat Card)

"I homeschool and belong to a homeschool co-op where we get together on Friday to teach other children's different studies. This is exactly what I needed to teach a beginning photography class."

-Kimber L. (Basic Digital Photography for Kids)

"My 11 year old daughter who have never shown any interest in learning about photography and what I do suddenly asked me if I could teach a class for her and her friends, so when I saw this... I just had to order!"

-Michelle (Kids Photography Curriculum Bundle)

"I was looking for a curriculum I could use to help assist me when I teach people who are just starting out in photography. This bundle puts all the basic information in one simple to use course. It's easy to understand and gives photo examples to help explain different techniques. This bundle is a must have!"

-Irene E. (Basic Photography Curriculum Bundle)

"This couldn't have come at a better time!  Loved how I hardly had to do a thing.  I found this 2 days before I hosted my class, and it definitely took my presentation up a notch." 

-Rebecca E.  (Basic Digital Photography Curriculum for Moms)

"I have been using the bundled package of blog posts and articles recently and the increased traffic to my website has been outstanding!  So super easy to use and customize for my business.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

-Cambria M.

"I love the template of the Studio Welcome Guide. I am not much of a writer so having something written for me is amazing! I would recommend this to anyone!! Thank you for the time saver and the headache of making/designing/typing my own!"

-Jessica S.

I've heard of auto responders and I never knew quite what to write for my own business. With the Photography Pre-written E-mail Auto Responders I was able get started building my mailing list FAST!

-Andrew P.

“The Magazine Mama magazine templates have been a lifesaver for me. The headshots magazine is an easy way for me to look professional without having to do a ton of work. Customization is easy and the end result really wows my clients. “

 -Stacy J.

"The magazine template has become really handy.  I am using it with all my seniors to up sale and it's really working!"

-Lydia G.


“I’ve been a huge fan of Magazine Mama for a while now, ever since stumbling across their Digital Photography Course Curriculum Bundle. This comprehensive bundle pack includes everything (yes really everything!) you could ever need to teach your own “Moms with Cameras Class.” They even have a course curriculum for kids!! Hosting one of these classes in your community is just one of the ways that Magazine Mama helps photographers like us make bank!”

-Jammie Lopez - Photographer’s Connection


"I am so happy I went for it and purchased the whole shop!  It may seem daunting to purchase the entire shop but the value is well worth it.  Each of the products are really well made and easy to use, and though some of them will lie in my bag of tricks for a while, I know when the time comes I'll be ready!"

-Britain E.


"I bought one of your templates and have really been pleased with it!  You have saved me a ton of hours reinventing the wheel! Thank you!"

-Beth S.


"The magazine was incredibly easy to use and it provided some fantastic pre-written articles.  Definitely a time saver!"

-Nikki E


"Loved the Wedding Welcome Guide and am now giving one to every potential client.  Very easy to use!"

-Rima C.

“The templates are so easy to use!”

-Courtney B. (Senior Magazine Template)

“This guide is so easy to use. I love how the wording is provided because I usually have a hard time putting in writing what I want to say.” 

-Jessica L. 


"Fantastic... just what I needed!"

-Andrea B.  (Basic Digital Photography Course Curriculum Bundle)


"Very easy to understand and simple clean instructions!"

-Debbie T.  (Wedding Welcome Guide 2nd Edition)


"Wonderful layout."

-Dani M.  (Studio Welcome Guide)


"I have searched high and low for the right magazine template for me.  This was it!  And the templates are so easy to use!  Couldn't be more pleased!"

-Courtney B.  (Senior Magazine Template)


"Easy to customize."  

-Mildred M. (5x7 Flat Card)


"So easy to use!!!"

-Melissa Z.  (5x7 Flat Card)


"Very easy to customize and looks professional... great quality."

-David T.  (5x7 Flat Card)

 "...I really love the guides as I can answer so many of the questions that my clients ask repeatedly, and then some.  They also really add a professional polish to my business, I believe was lacking for me.  So thank you and keep on doing what you do!"