5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Plan to Start a Photography Business

 1) How much will it cost?

Do you already have a professional camera?  How much will the lenses cost that you need? How about licenses and education? Will you do any paid advertising?  What about insurance? There are so many costs involved in starting a photography business, so make sure you are prepared. 

2) How much will you charge? 

Have you created a business plan? Do you know how much you need to make in order to have a sustainable business?  Take your ideal salary and deduct all your costs. Don't forget to deduct costs for your time, travel, advertising, and also taxes. Then take that number and divide it by the number of sessions you would like shoot each year or month. This will just give you a ball park figure of the amount you will need to make from each client. 

3) What Type Of Photography Will Your Specialize In? 

One of the biggest mistakes I see photographers make is not specializing in a specific type of photography. They want to keep their options open and try to take on every genre of photography. If you want to have a successful photography business, you're going to have to choose a niche

4) Who Is Your Ideal Client? 

You might think if you specialize in wedding photography that your ideal client would automatically be a bride. That's true to some extent but what "type" of bride? What age, demographic, personality type, where does she work, live, what activities does she enjoy? These are all questions you need to ask when determining who your ideal client is. 

5) How Will You Reach Your Ideal Client? 

Will you use Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Print Ads? Will you have a blog for your website? Will you have welcome guides when you meet with clients? Will you use e-mail marketing? All these things are important to ask before you dive in to starting a photography business.