Newborn Photographer Welcome Guide (Canva Template Version)

Get more newborn photography clients with this Newborn Photographer Welcome Guide (Canva Template Version). The 8.5x11 design is minimal and classic and features the following text sections:  


"How We Work"

"Trust the Photographer"

"Outfits and Props"

"Visualize the Finished Product"

"Safety First"

What you get:

  • 16-page Canva template so you can customize to your studio branding.
  • The following text sections: The Process: How We Work with You and Your Baby, 5 Tips for Your Newborn Session, Posing and Your Newborn Session

This template has been designed for the specifications for printing as a Press Printed Brochure at McKenna Pro ( 

You can also upload as a digital magazine to sites like issuu and magcloud.  Or you can create a .pdf brochure and e-mail to potential clients. 

Photos featured by Selina Francis Photography and Tracy Gabbard Photography.