Teach Photography to Kids Basic Digital Photography for Kids

Teach Photography to Kids: Photography Lessons for Kids

Teaching kids photography is easy with this Basic Digital Photography for Kids  curriculum. These done for you photography lessons for kids include topics of exposure, the history of photography, basic photography tips, composition and more! It's a fun yet informative way for teaching photography to kids and or teaching beginning photography to children.  These basic photography lessons have been created specifically for kids ages 8-12.  Use these photography lessons for kids to start a photography club or after school program at your local elementary or school, use within a home school environment, or teach your own children!  You can even use this program in kids camps over summer, winter and/or spring break! 

Photography Lessons for Kids Kit Includes: 

  1. Cover curriculum page 8.5x11 (layered .psd) so you can add your logo
  2. 15 lesson pages created specifically for kids ages 8-12.
  3. Topics include: History of Photography, Photographer's Toolkit, Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture), White Balance, Basic Settings, Composition (Subject/Focal Point, Rule of Thirds, Framing, Perspective, Leading Lines, Angles), Basic Lighting (Natural Lighting, Artificial Lighting, Flash), Basic Posing, Careers in Photography.
  4. All text and photos for you to use.
  5. Lessons come in layered .psd files giving you the option to customize text or photos as you wish.
  6. Basic instructions to edit layered lesson plans in Photoshop with list of fonts used.
  7. Lesson Plans
  8. Three activity sheets.
  9. An attendance chart to track weekly attendance.
  10. Instructor notes outlining ideas for games and activities. 
  11. Photographer badge template.
  12. "3 Kings" card game templates
  13. "Memory" card game templates
  14. Matching PowerPoint Presentation
  15. Certificate of Completion Template