Bundle of Curriculums for Teaching Basic Photography AND Photoshop Elements

This bundle features ALL the curriculums and tools for teaching that are featured on this website. 

Here's what you get:

Basic Digital Photography Course Curriculum Bundle:

*Curriculum for students (12 pages of layered .psd files plus cover so you can change colors/background and insert sample photos to match your branding.

*Four Page Files of Instructor's Notes:  Basic tips and notes to guide you through the course.

*ALL professionally written text & photos for you to use.

*Sign-in sheet template to collect attendee's information.

*Matching professional Powerpoint presentation with 33 slides.

Basic Digital Photography Course Curriculum Bundle for Kids:

*Cover curriculum page 8.5x11 (layered .psd) so you can add your logo

*15 lesson pages specifically for kids ages 8-12.

*Topics include: History of Photography, Photographer's Toolkit, Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture), White Balance, Basic Settings, Composition (Subject/Focal Point, Rule of Thirds, Framing, Perspective, Leading Lines, Angles), Basic Lighting (Natural Lighting, Artificial Lighting, Flash), Basic Posing, Careers in Photography

*All text and photos for you to use.

*Lessons come in layered .psd files giving you the option to customize text or photos as you wish.

*Basic instructions to edit layered lesson plans in Photoshop with list of fonts used.

*Lesson Plans

*Three activity sheets.

*An attendance chart to track weekly attendance

*Instructor notes outlining ideas for games and activities. 

*Photographer badge template.

*"3 Kings" card game templates

*"Memory" card game templates

*Matching PowerPoint Presentation

*Certificate of Completion Template

*Photographer Badge Template

Basic Digital Photography Course Curriculum Bundle for Moms:

*12 pages of layered .psd lesson files (including cover) so that you can edit text or insert your own photos for your marketing purposes

*Instructor Notes

*Student Sign-in Sheet

*Basic instructions for editing in Photoshop

*Matching PowerPoint Presentation 

Basic Photoshop Elements Curriculum:

*16 pages of layered .psd lesson files (including cover) so that you can change colors to match your branding if desired

*Instructor Notes

*Student Sign-in Sheet

*Basic Instructions for Editing in Photoshop and names of fonts

Photo Bingo for Kids:

*6x6 album image box template with photomask to insert your logo

*Inside panel template 

*10 ready to print bingo card template files

*Set of 25 bingo call card template files

*Basic instructions with options for printing 

Flash Cards Template:

*Set of 20 Question and Answer Cards

*1 .jpg file for printing the back side of the cards

*20 .jpg files for printing the opposite side of the cards