Pre-Written Blog Post Bundle for Wedding Professionals (Vol. 1)

Are you a wedding professional? Do you know you need blog posts on your website, but you don't have time to write them? These pre-written blog posts will help you save time and provide you with content for marketing your wedding business. 

You can upload the blog posts as is or edit them as you'd like. Just add photos and you are all set!

Here are the following titles/topics included in this blog post bundle:

  • 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner
  • Top 3 Things that Could Affect Your Wedding Budget
  • 5 Things You Should Never DIY for Your Wedding
  • How to Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding
  • Things to Consider When Selecting a Venue
  • 5 Things to Trust Your Wedding Photographer With
  • Top 7 Must Have Photos with Your Bridesmaids
  • 5 Simple Tips to Take the Stress Out of Wedding Planning