Teach Smartphone Photography Online

Teach Smartphone Photography Online

Teach smartphone photography online with this curriculum. This pre-made photography lesson for teaching is formatted and customizable in PowerPoint. Over 225 slides included.  Use this curriculum to earn additional income online by teaching an online class within a 50 mile radius of your home or studio.

This Smartphone Photography Online Lesson Kit Includes:

  • 14 different lesson modules
  • Course cover screen
  • Introduction module
  • Each module includes a cover slide & content slides
  • Use this online version of the Smartphone Photography Curriculum bundle to teach Photography online within a 50 mile radius of your studio

Smartphone Photography Modules Include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing to Use Your Smartphone Camera
  3. Taking Photos on Your Smartphone
  4. Smartphone Photography Accessories
  5. Smartphone Camera Modes
  6. Using Burst Mode
  7. Shooting Portraits 
  8. Shooting Panoramic Photos
  9. Using Live Photo
  10. Composition
  11. Zooming
  12. Exposure
  13. Taking Photos with High Dynamic Range
  14. How to Edit Your Photos