5 Surprising SEO Mistakes You Might Be Making

Search engine optimization, business owners know in order to successfully rank higher in Google, there are rules to follow for keywords, and images, and Meta…stuff. You spend hours and hours on all that “stuff” attempting to rank higher and attract more visitors. But, could you be making mistakes? (Gasp!) Here are five very common and surprising SEO mistakes that you may be making.

1. Where Are All The Words?

As a photographer your focus is on the pictures. However, google needs to know who you are in order to show your page to perspective clients. Each important web page should have a minimum amount of words on it. So before you press publish, make sure you’ve written at least 300 words.

2. Too Many Images – But I’m a Photographer!

Visitors click on your webpage to see your latest work, so you upload tons of images. Did you optimize the backend information for every single image? Probably not. Sadly, index spiders can’t see all the pretty people that you uploaded. It’s up to you to tell google what the images are.

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3. What’s Google Authorship?

Search for something in google. See those smiling faces next to the page titles in search results? Those are a result of enabling google authorship. Even if you are ranking higher than these results, those smiling faces are probably stealing some of your clicks.

4. No Site Map, no Indexing.

Google without site maps is like you in NYC without a GPS. Help google find its way to your website and internal pages. Otherwise the internet would be a massive city of big buildings with mysterious insides.

5. Meta Tags are as Extinct as Triceratops.

How many hours have you wasted filling in Meta tags? Google confirmed they no longer use or care about them. Try putting your hours into something more useful…like words and text.

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