Publishing Your Studio Welcome Guide

Studio Magazine Guides are a great way to market your photography business. Professionally designed magazine style brochures include all the important elements of your business. You can include your photographer bio, portfolio images, pricing, testimonials, frequently asked questions and more!  Choose to have them printed, send them by e-mail, or embed them into your blog or website.

1) Print. If you select to print your magazine templates, you’ll want to consider three things; print quantity, paper type, and binding options.   If you are going to be updating your magazine frequently (i.e. updating pricing, images, new product offerings), you may want to select a company that offers a lower minimum print quantity. Short run printing used to be very expensive, but now labs and print companies are becoming more flexible and offering lower print quantity minimums. For example, McKenna Pro allows you to print as few as 10 copies at a time with their press printed brochure option. You can get a 20 page 8.5x11 for under $5 per copy.   For paper type they offer glossy text or pearl text paper (additional cost). Most magazines with 20 pages and under will automatically come with a saddle stitch binding. This simply means that the pages are bound together using staples. Before sending your magazine files to print, be sure to find out the printer’s output resolution.

2) E-mail. Sending your studio magazines via e-mail is cost effective way to send your studio information to potential clients. You can either send a link to where your magazine is hosted online or e-mail it as a .pdf. Sending a link is preferred just in case the person on the receiving end has trouble opening or viewing the attachment. To create a .pdf in Photoshop, go to FileAutomatePDF Presentation.When you see the PDF Presentation window pop up choose “Browse” and highlight your magazine page files. Once they are all highlighted choose “Open” and then “Save”. When the “Save Adobe PDF” box pops up be sure to change the Adobe PDF Preset to “Smallest File Size” if you are sending via e-mail or “High Quality Print” if you are uploading a .pdf to be printed.

3) Online. There are several platforms to publish your magazine online. Two of the most popular are MagCloud and Issuu. There is no initial cost for you to publish your magazine on either of these platforms. With MagCloud, users can have your magazine delivered as a physical magazine or a digital download for their computer, smart phone or tablet. The magazines are promoted in the MagCloud shop, helping you increase your audience and potentially drive added revenues for your business.   Issuu is one of the fastest-growing digital publishing platforms in the world with more than 72 million customers who read something on Issuu each month. The majority of users read the magazines digitally via the Issuu Reader for free. Both MagCloud and Issuu allow you to create custom widgets so you can embed your magazines on your blog or website. Both also come with social sharing links.


So whether you decide to post your studio magazine online, distribute them at trade shows, use for direct-mail campaigns or e-mail, studio welcome guides and magazines allow you to get your message out there in a unique, memorable and eye-catching way.

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