Working with a Stylist at Your Photoshoot

Today on the blog I'm sharing an interview with the amazing Taci Zahl from Pish Posh Style Guild.  

I wanted to start out by showing you this inspiration board she created for me when I showed her a dress that I had in mind. I love how she gave me a variety of styles and options... all to go with just one dress!

Tell us a little about your belief on style:

I believe everyone has style, and while finding your style may seem daunting, it’s not impossible. It may not even feel like it matters to you right now. BUT! If you are serious about your investing in your business and your clients’ are spending money on your photography services, I firmly believe, having a second opinion and someone to plan clothing is a must have.

What can someone expect when they work with you to find their style:

When you work with me you get a fresh prospective of yourself. This may be something you haven’t thought about in a while. Perhaps you never believed you were worth the effort. You might be stuck in a rut. First and foremost we work together on a style inventory to help me understand where to shop, sizes and preferences of styles. From there we create a plan and then I go find it.

Can you list some other ways clients benefit when working with you?

  • Overall I save clients money. Yes, shopping with me saves you money. I’m a bargain shopper because for a long time I wasn’t. And I learned.
  • I’ll show you what stores you should take a reward card from for better savings in the future.
  • I won’t let you buy clothes you won’t wear again
  • I won’t let you buy things you don’t need. How often when you buy clothes for a shoot do you buy an item in two colors because you can’t decide.
  • You might loooooove $178 jeans but I know other options that are cheaper and look awesome on you.
  • I will teach you how to spot trends that are sticking around and then how to shop off-season saving you more money!

 How can photographers use your services for their clients?

Photographers include my styling fee in their package to clients. They provide me an email contact and I work with their client virtually to find clothing and create something completely customized to what the family wants, where they shop, sizes, etc… I’ll send a board of best picks and the client then purchases online or in-store.

I have a spot on my blog that is password protected where "members only" can view current style boards to share with their clients. I can also provide monthly style boards with ideas on what to wear for the entire family that photographers can feature on their blog or website.

Can you give us some insight on what goes into creating a style board?

I spend a few hours here and there shopping online and in store to see what pops out as a trend. I don't concern myself too much with high fashion or super trends because moms aren't generally buying that and a lot of those trends just don't translate so well into photos unless it's a very very styled shoot. One thing I put A LOT of time an effort into is making sure the items I suggest are easy for everyone everywhere to find. Gap, for instance, is going to ALWAYS feature their Favorite T's so I might show you which colors are best of the season and how to layer and accessorize appropriately for the season. I might suggest an Anthro shirt but I know it's because you can find a similar "knock-off" from Target. Inspiration can sometimes be obvious, quick very easy and sometimes it gives me a block! Once I know what I want to show, I start to search for it where I know women in the 20-50 set shop.. I use a lot of Etsy and am starting to use more online daily boutique sites if they are reliable.

Do you believe having a styled session can help increase print orders & sales?

Yes, If Mom doesn't feel pretty, don't expect an order. Sad but true (I'm guilty of this too, if I don't feel pretty in the pic, I don't want to look at it).. no matter how delish the kids look.

Are stylists just for family sessions?

No, a stylist can be used for every kind of photography shoot… family, senior, maternity and even baby photography sessions! When I style babies for their milestone shoots I try to incorporate a theme. It helps me as I search for the perfect items. Sometimes I ask moms to wear a special piece of jewelry that they will pass along to their daughters or even their sons future someone! We have even used maternity sashes as nursery decor.

Magazine Mama’s Ideas for Photographers:

1) Offer a “free” styling session “valued at “x”” to the next “x” clients who book you.

2) Do a contest… everyone who books you for a session by “x” dates gets entered to win a style session valued at “x”.

3) Post a before/after photo on your blog with your clients style board and a photo from their session.

About Taci

Taci is the stylist at Pish & Posh Style Guild where she believes in cheeky, fresh style for all. P&PSG offers styling advice on what-to-wear before photo shoots.  She lives in Minnesota, is married to a soccer coach and is mommy to 3. If she's ever blessed with free time she enjoys style research (aka shopping), working on project life and in her fancy planner, and reading!She offers her clients a mix of trendy and traditional pieces and works with any budget. She loves working with what clients already have! She believes in using clothing props and location to tell the unique story of those being photographed!


Want to learn more? Visit me hereand we’ll get started! Here’s to great style for all!!


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