Pricing and Your Photography Marketing Materials

Pricing is an essential piece of information. We know you don’t want to scare any client away by your seemingly large price tag so you skip this part and instead spend hours answering the same questions by email and phone over and over again. Stop wasting your own time! With the personal and detailed marketing pieces you are creating, the client will already feel that your service is worth more than your competitors. What does that mean for you? They are automatically willing to spend more to get better outcomes. That doesn’t mean you can increase your prices, but it should reassure you that your value is getting through.

If you still aren’t sure, try adding the base price for your services. At the very least it will weed out clients who really can’t afford you, and therefore you will only spend time on qualified leads instead of attracting the masses. An example for this is: “packages start at…..”

Designing packages for this marketing kit can be tricky. Most brides are looking for custom options. To start developing your pricing structure, use three levels of pricing with varying add-ons included. The bottom package is your base price and should meet all of your minimum business requirements, including hours, locations, and services. The middle package will be the one most brides choose so optimize it for profit. The top tier should include absolutely everything you offer. Brides looking for extravagance will always opt for the top tier package and then work backwards.

Add in language to let brides know you will customize packages based on their needs. This is a great place to list “additional items” or “a la carte” services. Present them as individual items or you can bundle them as add-on packages. If you are bundling, include the package value and the package price. Seeing the savings will automatically trigger the impulse buy action.

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November 09, 2015

- OMG how did I ever miss this post. What an incredible wedidng and incredible images!!! Theresa, I love each and everyone!!! I’m sure their wedidng was beyond amazing. Bambi and Ontel are stunning and genuinely beautiful people inside and out! And you captured them perfectly! xoxoxo ~ Dawn

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