Photography templates can save you so much time in your photography business. Here are 5 essential photography marketing templates that every photographer needs for marketing.

1) Welcome Guide Template 

Every photographer needs a beautifully designed welcome guide template or client welcome packet template. These photography marketing templates include pre-written text and photography articles to help you get more photography clients. These photoshop templates are fully customizable so you can easily edit them to match your branding.

A welcome guide template is a useful tool for photographers because it helps to streamline the process of onboarding new clients and sets clear expectations for the session.

Here are a few reasons why every photographer should have a welcome guide template:

  • It saves time: A welcome guide template allows you easily create a beautiful marketing piece in under an hour. 
  • It helps you and your clients stay organized: A welcome guide template helps you have all the marketing info in one beautiful welcome guide rather than a folder full of a bunch of loose leaf papers. This is helpful for both you and your clients. 
  • It sets clear expectations: Your welcome guide template can help you set clear expectations with your clients by outlining your policies, procedures, and services in a clear and concise manner. This can help to prevent misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • It helps you stand out: A well-designed welcome guide template can help you stand out from other photographers in your area and show potential clients your professionalism.

2) Mini Session Templates 

These photography marketing templates great for using on Facebook or social media to announce and promote your photography mini sessions. Want some FREE mini session templates? Join my FB group and get the goodies! 

3) Photographer Gift Certificate Templates 

These photography templates are great for using around the holidays to upsell to your clients as gifts for their friends and families. Want to see more tips on how to strategically use gift certificates in your photography business? Click here.

4) Photographer Email Template

Email is so important for marketing your photography business.  In fact it's one of the main things that helped me stand out from my competitors.  Click here to read about all the ways email can be used in your photography business.

5) Templates for Teaching Photography

Let’s face it sometimes the summers can be slow and you need something to fill in the income gaps. Teaching photography can be a great way to make money with photography and it’s also a great way for getting more photography clients.

Photography curriculum templates can be a useful tool for photographers who want to get more clients by teaching photo classes. Here are a few ways photographers can use curriculum templates to achieve this goal:

  • Plan and organize a photo class: Photography curriculum templates can help you plan and organize your photography class by providing a clear outline of the topics and lessons that will be covered. This can make it easier for you to prepare for the class and ensure that it flows smoothly.
  • Promote the class: Photography curriculum templates can be used to create marketing materials, such as flyers or email newsletters, to promote the photo class to potential students.
  • Communicate with students: Photography curriculum templates can be used to communicate with students about the details of the class, such as the schedule, materials needed, and what to expect.
  • Streamline the registration process: Photography curriculum templates can be used to create a registration form or contract that makes it easy for students to sign up for the class and pay for it.
  • Create a consistent look and feel: Photography curriculum templates can help photographers create a professional look and feel for their class marketing materials and communications.

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