5 Reasons to Prove Your Clients Will Love the 40 Over 40 Photography Sessions

Over 40 Photography Campaign

A photographer recently asked me if I thought "Over 40" photography sessions could be taken as offensive. Being over 40 myself, I don't feel it's offensive at all. In fact, I feel it's the opposite. I think women today are celebrating their age. I might not speak for every woman over 40 on the planet, but I believe I can offer some insights why women might not necessarily be offended by a "40 over 40" photography campaign.

1) Empowerment and Visibility: Women over 40 often find themselves underrepresented in mainstream media and advertising. A campaign that specifically showcases and celebrates this demographic can be seen as empowering, giving them visibility and recognition they may not have otherwise received.

2) Breaking Stereotypes: Many women over 40 may appreciate campaigns that challenge the societal stereotypes of beauty and aging. By featuring women in this age group in a positive and flattering light, it helps break the idea that youth is the only standard of attractiveness.

3) Embracing Aging: As women age, they often embrace the wisdom, experiences, and self-assurance that come with it. A campaign that emphasizes aging as a beautiful and valuable process can be well-received by many.

4) Inclusivity: Inclusive photography campaigns that celebrate diversity and different age groups can be appreciated by individuals who value representation and recognition for all demographics.

5) Professional Photography: I believe that as women age they value photographs  of themselves because they realize that they are in fact aging. They also value professional photographers that are skilled at making them look their best and highlighting their best features.  Pair that with a wardrobe artist and makeup artist and you have beautiful photos that will not only boost any woman's self esteem but that will have them recommending you to all their friends. 

Ultimately, respecting and listening to your clients opinions and feelings is crucial, as there is no one-size-fits-all response to any campaign or concept. But if you're looking to give your photography business a boost, the 40 Over 40 Photography Sessions are a must!

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