Happy 12th Birthday to my wonderful daughter!


It's been a long day!  Wanted to get this post in before April 27th is officially over.  It's hard to believe our daughter Bethany is 12 years old today!!  Where does the time go?  Twelve years ago today I was giving birth to the precious little girl you see in the picture above!  The doctor cracked her skull with the forceps during delivery resulting in bleeding around her brain...  I remember one of the doctors even coming in and telling us there was a possibility she may have downs syndrome as a result.  She had a big black eye for the first couple months but God healed her 100%!  We don't have too many photos from that time... I wish we had more!!

As photographers we spend so much of our time creating beautiful photos of other people's children, families and special events and sometimes we neglect our own or don't give them the same priority.  For me, so much of my time is spent watching things happen through the lens that it's nice to be able to be part of the moment and actually be "in the moment".  But I want to have more photos made of our family because time just goes by too fast... and you can't turn back the clock!  Thank you to my wonderful husband for setting up the lights and backdrop to take a couple pics to remember the day by!  From now on I think I want to start hiring other photographers to document our special occasions  so our whole family can enjoy the day.  After all, isn't that what we recommend to our clients? :) 

Here are a couple pics from our little neighborhood get together. The neighbor kids came to the house before Bethany got back from her clarinet lesson, they hid in her room and surprised her when she opened the door.  It was so unexpected it knocked her off her feet! ;)



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