Do you know you need to blog for your photography business, but you struggle to know what to blog about? Here are a few ideas... 

  1. The Sneak Peek. This tends to be one of the most popular types of blog posts on photography websites. Use this post to showcase some of your favorite images from a recent shoot. Even though the images will be the main focus of the post, it’s important to also include some copy. Give readers some insight into the shoot, your experiences, where it took place, your inspiration behind the shoot and the clients involved. To really get some mileage out of this post, split it into different parts. For example, if you are posting about a recent wedding shoot, split it into the getting ready shots, the ceremony, bridal couple portraits and the reception.
  2. Top Tips. Firstly, this type of post should always be related to your audience and the types of photography you specialize in. Delve into tips on how to prepare for certain types of photo sessions or keep it more generic with some simple photography tips that anyone can use. If you happen to be a wedding photographer, share some tips on planning a wedding or finding a vendor. If you’re a kids’ photographer, share some tips with moms on how to prepare their kids for the shoot or what to bring along to a shoot. The same applies if you’re a newborn or maternity photography. Moms are always looking for tips to make the photoshoot experience more memorable. Remember that your posts don’t always have to be specifically about photography. As long as you are providing valuable information that is specific to your audience and can be related back to the photography services that you offer, you’re doing it right. These types of posts are perfect for SEO purposes as they will cover topics that your audience is searching for. Bonus Tip: Create a pin on Pinterest as this is a very popular site for “how to” searches.
  3. Personal Stories. There is no reason for your blog to be all business. Sharing personal stories helps your audience relate to you and allows your personality to shine through. Remember not to make it too personal though. For example, if your audience is pregnant moms, you could write about your pregnancy or if it’s newly engaged brides you might talk about how you felt when you were proposed to.
  4. Guest Blogs. This is a post that most photographers tend to overlook. Remember you don’t have to have an internationally recognized blog to invite a guest blogger to write for you. Reach out to a vendor and invite them to create a blog post or two for you as a way to cross promote your businesses. You could even reciprocate and write a post for their site too. This allows you to both reach out to the same audience without the competition. This process doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming either. It can be as easy as sending out a Q&A to the vendor and turning that into a blog post.
  5. Q&A. Have a look through your emails and jot down some of the most commonly asked questions from clients. This is an easy way to create an effective blog post. For example, start the post by saying you often receive the following questions. This will again help you position yourself as an expert. Bonus Tip: This type of post is beneficial in more ways than one because when a client now asks you one of these questions, you can simply refer them to your website or blog.

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