How to Get More Photography Clients for Your Fall Mini Sessions

Did you know that excited and engaged customers bring in 23% more profits? That’s a quote from It’s important when planning out how to get more photography clients for your fall photography mini sessions that you think of ways to get your clients excited, engaged and looking forward to their fall family photoshoot.

Here are my top 3 tips for creating buzz for your fall photography mini sessions. 

Create exclusivity. 

Create an invite only or clients only session event. You could create an exclusive photo session that takes place earlier than the main session event. Think of big brand stores, such as Nordstrom. They have a special event for their "premier customers" where only people who have their card are allowed to attend. They have exclusive special priced products behind curtains and you can only purchase them if you're a card holder. 

What does that look like in your photography business?  You could have a VIP client photography session event or a VIP client photography mini session event. It could be a more relaxed event than your regular mini sessions or maybe you offer them special perks at this event. Or perhaps an additional 15 minutes for their session. Add a little something extra that your regular sessions don’t receive. Then create a classy name for the event.  Make the event available for those who have purchased "x" amount with you or for everyone who has booked a session in the past "x" months.   It will make your current clients feel special and your potential clients will see the perks of becoming a client with you. 

Show a Behind the Scenes

A lot of photographers don't really like to get in front of the camera, especially the video camera.  I would like to encourage you to create some Facebook live videos around your special mini session event. Show some scenes of your backdrops or your setups. You could do a walk thru showing the location that you're going to do your holiday themed or your fall photography mini session.  Tell people why you chose the location and tell them why their photos are going to turn out great at that location.  If you've photographed there before be sure to show some sample images. If you haven't shot there yet, create some images to help you promote the event. 

If you don't want to do a Facebook live, you can do sneak preview photos as well. Don't show the entire setup, only show a portion of it. Keep them guessing and build the curiosity. This will create an open loop in the mind of your potential clients and will help build up the excitement around the event.

Offer a Limited-Edition Product

Have you ever noticed how popular makeup brands often offer a seasonal gift with purchase?  They require you buy a minimum amount such as $50, $75 or even $100 worth of makeup just to get a little tiny bag with a few sample sized items in it.  Why does this work? Because they don't allow you to purchase the "gift with purchase" as a standalone product. It can "only" be purchased or received if you buy the minimum required amount. Plus, they make it available for a limited time and make sure it's a cute branded bag that you can't get anywhere else.

This is a form of exclusivity. How does this work in your photography business? Find an item that you can offer with your session. Promote your limited-edition product when you promote your events. When you decide on a product, do a short Facebook live video and talk about the product you will be offering to your clients who book the specific sessions. Show them the item that you have and let them know that is a limited time offer with purchase. Then post a link in the comments to invite people to get on a waitlist for your session. 

When we hosted our Santa mini sessions, we worked with a high-end kids clothing boutique.  The boutique that recommended we offer something really cute to go along with the sessions. We found some light up photo frames by Neil Enterprises. They turned out to be a hot item seller. We sold out fast! We you go to promote your sessions, make sure you let people know that the product you have is a limited edition.   For example, you may choose only to purchase 10 or 15 of that item.  Let people now you only have "x" of the item available and once they are gone they are gone.  Give the item a monetary value such as "$25" or "$50 value".  Use this as an incentive for people to sign up for your sessions. 

Here's an item I found on Amazon. It's a cute little teddy bear photo frame. 

photography mini session marketing ideas

This item sells for around $12 on Amazon.  But you can make the value of this product higher because you are including a custom photo from your studio with it.  Search around for products and maybe you can even find some that match your colors and go with your brand.

Create cute names for these items, and cute packaging. For example, it wouldn't just be a teddy bear photo frame, call it a Limited Edition Teddy Bear Frame or go give the teddy bear a name. Have fun with it!

 By the way, if you need a FREE photography mini session template to help promote your sessions you can click here to sign up and I will send you one. 


I hope these ideas have been helpful and are getting the creativity wheels spinning in your head. Let me know if you've tried any of these ideas or if you have some ideas of your own!

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