Meet the nine year old photo whizz

 Madison Harrison is proof that you’re never too young to learn photography. She's a budding young photographer who loves to take photos of children, is only nine years old.

Along with the work that she’s done for several private clients, Madison has also shot three weddings and has even photographed the President of the United States!

Madison first discovered her love for cameras at her third birthday party and made the bold decision to start a photography business just before she turned 7. Since then she has also successfully hosted a dress drive for 20 girls who live in a child caring facility. She got the local community to donate dresses for the girls so that she could have a photo session for them at her studio. Madison combined her passion for photography with her love for helping others, and has since become a household name in her community.

This young entrepreneur is proof that a child is never too young to discover the joy of photography.

Photography is a beautiful way to get your child to indulge their creative side and build some confidence at the same time. It’s a skill that can be developed as your child grows and it’s so simple to start teaching them the basics. There’s no need to make your child’s first experience with photography a technical one. Start with the basics and get them to grow their skills through photo projects that can be turned into fun games. Ask your child to look for and photograph objects of a certain color or objects that start with a certain letter of the alphabet. Help them analyze their photos by pointing out what they did right and what they could improve on.  You might even want to go to the zoo on a Photo Safari.  This is something Madison did.  She hosted a Zoo Photo Safari at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo and 26 people came... 15 of those were children.  

A lot of parents also tend to shy away from teaching their children photography because they're not sure how to go about choosing a camera or where to start in terms of teaching their child the basics of photography.  If you're looking for a curriculum you can check out the curriculum I used to teach my own daughter photography.  It's the Basic Digital Photography Curriculum for Kids. 

And who knows, your child’s love for photography might just turn into a fruitful career someday if not a wonderful, life-long hobby.

To find out more about Madison Harrison visit Photos with Madison


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