Photography Activities Kids Can Do this Summer

Photography Activities Kids Can Do During the Summer

Photography can be a great way for kids to learn new things, interact and have fun with the world around us. Here are some fun photography activities kids can do this summer or any time of the year. 

For many kids like me, the end of the school year is fast approaching. My years in Elementary school are coming to an end as I am graduating 5th grade and moving on to middle school 6th grade next school year. I am excited summer is fast approaching. It means more free time to do things that interest me like photography. Photography can be a great way to learn new things, interact and have fun with the world around us. Here are some fun photography activities kids like me can do this summer.

Tell A Story
My Mom is a photojournalist and sports photographer. Her job is to tell a story with her images. A great way to start this for kids is to go out and shoot 10 images that include items, places, or characters that when put together tells a story about what is around them.

Scavenger Hunt
A photo scavenger hunt is a great adventure and awesome challenge to photograph as many things as possible. They can pick a certain letter, and take pictures of as many things they can find with the letter “R”. Or have a list of items around the house or park that kids can capture in different ways.

Self Portraits
In today’s world of selfies kids can take a self-portrait and show what they are doing for the week or day. It’s another great way to document their summer.

Trip Photographers
Most families plan some kind of summer trip. It can be hard to capture everyone in the photos when Mom or Dad are the only ones taking pictures. When you go on a family trip let the kids take the photos. It can be exciting to make sure that all the fun is captured on the trip and no one is left out of a photo. Also, it is a great way to see the world through a child’s eyes. Our perspective can be a lot different than adults. Not to mention our view point since we are not as tall.

Scrap Book
A great way to remember the summer is to let kids start a scrapbook of their images. Everything that they photograph over the summer put in a book as a keepsake book for years to come and look back on later. I hope these tips help give you ideas to do different activities with your kids over the summer.

Photography activities for kids

Credits: Thank you to Rihanna for writing this blog post and submitting these photos. Rihanna is an 11 year old currently in the 5th grade.

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