Photography Tips for Mommy and Me Mini Sessions


Mommy and Me Mini Session Ideas and Tips

Mommy and Me Mini-sessions are a great way for you to get photography clients, increase your exposure, and fill in those off-season days. Mommy and me mini-sessions can help you start building a relationship with clients that can keep them coming back for years. Want a FREE photography mini session template to help promote these minis?  Click here. While these mini-sessions can be a lot of work in a short amount of time, they can pay off in the long run and help grow your photography business. Here are the top tips to remember when you start to plan for your mommy and me mini-session.

4 Tips and Mini Session Ideas for Mommy and Me Photography Sessions:

1) Pair down your photography services

Mini-sessions are not supposed to be a discounted version of your regular offerings. In a way you can look at it as a lead magnet. A more affordable option for clients to come through your doors, give them a taste of what it’s like working with you and your photography and keep them coming back for more. You want to keep the session to 30 minutes or less and offer a basic package. Offering little in terms of products will give you the opportunity to up sell. You want to make the offer appealing. Remember this is a way for you to build up your client list and find clients you will be able to work with for years to come

2) Create a photography promotional plan.

Having a successful mini-session has a lot to do with when and how you promote the session. Creating a promotional plan can lead to more bookings and more of your ideal clients. Know where you are going to promote to attract your target market. For mommy and me session this can range from social media, word of mouth, email, or blog posts. Understand what types of moms you want to attract and create your marketing plan to appeal to those women.

Take the time to really plan when you will promote your mommy and me mini session. Mommy and me mini session can be successful especially around holidays such as Mother's day, but they can be done any time of the year. This is a great time to plan for your mini-session to increase your sales and future booking. Promoting the session too early, most people will forget and overlook the advertising. If you promote it too late then they will most likely have made other plans.

3) Choose a mini session theme.

Choosing to have a themed mini session can make it more enjoyable and can help you look more professional. The theme you choose doesn't just relate to the session itself but also to the promotional material you use. If you are doing a spring flower theme, pretty in pink theme, a Mother’s Day theme, arts and crafts theme, 50's or 80's theme, safari theme, or princess theme you want the materials you use to promote your mommy and me mini session to reflect this. By making the session theme oriented it allows your customers to still have a need to come back for regular non-themed sessions, which they can book at your regular non-mini session prices

4) Plan to follow up with your photography clients.

Many of the clients you book for a mini session will only be interested in the promotional offer but many may also be interested in what else you have to offer. Set up in person ordering appointments with clients you feel would want to upgrade their package. 

Hope these tips have been helpful!

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