5 Things to Inlcude When Writing Your About Us Page

The key to a great about us page is in the details. Go ahead, spill a little information about yourself and let your clients get to know you. Give them the details about yourself (and your company) that you would share at a cocktail party. Small interesting tidbits that are memorable. Here are some examples:

  • Personal details: do you own a pug who goes with you to your office every day? Are you an avid skier with trips to Colorado, Utah, and Maine to brag about? These types of details resonate with clients who share your passions. They also provide the client the abilities to interact with you on topics other than work.
  • Testimonials: Have your past clients been featured in a magazine or on a popular blog? Brag a little! Share the logos and web addresses of your top partners. This not only impresses your clients but will have them hoping for their photos to be featured as well!
  • Social media: share your blog, facebook, twitter, Instagram, and linked in accounts. Do you have a YouTube account? Share that too. Anything to create the link from you to them. Just make sure you are updating regularly before you include these.
  • Awards, history, and media: This is your chance to brag about yourself. If you are uneasy telling the world how amazing you are – they will never know! Be proud of your accomplishments. Include anything and everything that is relevant to your business. Use timelines to show your business longevity and logos to show when you received awards. Don’t forget any media that you were mentioned in or quoted as an expert. Did you speak at any events that your audience would have heard of?
  • Volunteer Work: Do you volunteer your photography services? Do you donate a portion of your sales to a non-profit? Clients love to use services to give back, especially if they are aligned with your particular cause. Because by using your services they will indirectly be helping the cause you give to.
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  • Should be Empty:

The last piece of advice for creating a memorable about us page is what not to include.

  • Don’t bore your readers! Make sure your about us information does not read like an encyclopedia.
  • Don’t use big corporate words. Avoid buzzwords and slang.
  • Don’t be general, or vague.

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