How to Make Additional Income in Your Senior Photography Business

It's easier than you may think! One simple tool can get you to that next level. High school senior cheerleaders, band members, and even athletes will find that this tool can be customized just for them. The answer is our Be-Fabulous magazine template.

A custom client magazine, such as the Be Fabulous Magazine, will help create a unique experience for your senior client while still turning a profit. This tool will showcase a senior’s individuality, and increase your revenue potential.

For example, a 12-page magazine template can cost less than $4.00 each to print. The cost is so low that even when you add in a profit margin the retail price is affordable. To maximize revenue, package the add-on as a bundle deal to encourage buying in bulk. For example, if you price a pack of 10 with a retail price of $250, you’ve just made a profit of $210 on one student. Let’s say you photograph between 45-50 seniors in a given year. And let’s also suppose that you up-sell to only half of those - that’s over $5,000 in additional income!  This is a suggested retail price that will vary according to your business model and clientele.

By offering a bulk pack, the student can keep one, and give a couple to their closest friends. Moms, on the other hand, can proudly show-off her gorgeous daughter (or son) to co-workers, the ladies at the gym, and even the owner of the pizza place where they’ve celebrated every milestone in their student’s life. Once they start making a list of everyone they want to share it with – they may need to buy two packs!

So what would you do with the additional income? Perhaps buy some new gear? :) 

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