Top 3 Reasons to Use a Holiday Gift Guide in Your Photography Business

I'm excited to introduce a new way to market your photography business this holiday season.  If you're not already using a Holiday Gift Guide as one of your marketing strategies you should start now. Think of the guide as your version of the much anticipated Neiman Marcus holiday catalog. Create a magazine full of gifts personalized with your client's recent photos. Focus on the quality of the gift; and remind your clients that the gift of photography is not something that gets re-gifted.




Here are 3 reasons to incorporate a holiday gift guide into your marketing strategy this holiday season:

1) It deepens the client/business relationship by reminding clients of the amazing work you provided to them this year.

2) You are providing your client with a personalized shopping experience from the comfort of their home or your studio. 

3) It increases your company's professionalism in the eyes of your client. 


Just insert your photos and pricing and e-mail one to your client today.  Or even better, send it out on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and fill it with your holiday specials! 


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