4 Ways to Grow Your E-Mail List

Building your e-mail list should be a huge part of your marketing plan.  The more leads you have the more potential clients you have the opportunity to book.  How do you grow your list?  Here are four things you can do to increase your e-mail sign ups. 

1)  Have  newsletter-sign up box.  The location you pick can make or break your results. Place your sign-up box in a prominent spot on your website.  If possible, select an area that is visible on every single page.  For example, place it on the footer, or in a margin column.  Make it obvious, and use a great call to action.  

  • Sign up for the newsletter and get a FREE E-Guide sent straight to your e-mail.

  • Should be Empty:

2)  Install a pop up window.  Don't be afraid to ask for what you want!  A pop up will produce more results than an idle form.  Call out the benefits of the sign up, either a "Free Guide" or another marketing offer. 

3) Promote your offer on your social media sites.  Have potential clients sign up to receive information about a special offer you have.  When posting on facebook make sure to post at a peak time.  For twitter, focus on creating three distinct headlines for your offer and e-mail sign up.  Schedule them to post 1, 2 and 4 weeks apart. 

4) Keep it simple. Ask only for their e-mail address and first name.  If you are looking for wedding clients you can add their wedding date as a field. If you can, integrate it with more social media sign ins.  The easier you make it for a prospect to give you their information, the more e-mail address you will end up with. 

Having trouble knowing what to write once you've got your list?  Check out these pre-written e-mail swipe file templates




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