5 Ways to Market Your Photography Business with Gift Cards

Photography gift cards and gift certificates are great to incorporate in your marketing plan, especially during the holiday season! According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, approximately 81 percent of adults in America will purchase one gift card, during the holidays if not more.  

Gift cards are great because they allow your clients to take advantage of a special offer now, but still have the flexibility of scheduling their session at a less busy time of year.

So how do you use gift cards in your photography business?  Here are just five ways: 

1) Offer a special on gift card purchases. For example, "buy one get one as a gift" or even "buy two get one free".  Your customer gives the gift of photography to someone else and is rewarded with a gift to themselves as well.

2) Offer kickback incentives.  For example give the client "x" amount in credit for every "x" amount purchased in gift cards for others.  This will vary based on your business model. Perhaps $10 for every $100, $50 for ever $200 spent, etc... 

3) Include charitable giving with gift card purchases.  Everyone loves when their purchase helps a cause.  Find a cause that is near and dear to your heart and let your clients know that you will be donating "x" amount for every "x" amount purchased in gift cards.   

4) Offer incentives through your gift cards. For example, "purchase a $350 gift card for only $250."

5) Give away gift cards. Surprise your best clients by sending them a  gift card for a "free session" and up-sell them later.  Or send them a gift card for $50 off a purchase of $200 or more.  Again, the amounts you use will depend on your business and the cost of your sessions, products, packages, etc... 

Be sure and print your gift cards on the finest quality paper and place them in a lovely box with a beautifully tied ribbon. Make sure to include the details such as the amount, expiration date and any disclaimers such as what they can and can't be used for.

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