Latest Release: Birth Photography Welcome Guide

I'm excited to release the Birth Photography Welcome Guide called "Birth Stories" today.  Birth photography is becoming increasingly popular.  I think it's such a great idea!  I wish I would have had a photographer when my daughter was born.  The very first photo my husband took with our daughter turned out yellow because he didn't know about white balance at the time (13 years ago).  And my very first photo with her has a green cast - (yikes!).  That was pre-photography business. Digital cameras had just come out... I think we used a Sony Mavica or Sony Coolpix.  We laugh about it now but he actually thought there was something wrong with the camera because the photos had that yellow color cast.  So he sold it and got another camera... turns out it was simply white balance issues - lol!


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Delanae says:

Never mind! I found it! (Still sleep deprived after the 48 hour birth I documented on 8-5-14 I think. LOL! I’m super excited to look at this. Wow!!! Talk about really cool!

Delanae says:

Hi Cindy,

I stumbled upon your page here. I’m very interested in your Birth Photography Welcome Guide. I’m a photographer and I absolutely LOVE birth photography!!! I truly don’t want to do anything else.

I’m trying to figure out if this is a welcome guide for photographers to buy and use to promote their own birth photography business. If so, where can I find it to take a look and see if this is a direction I want to go. Super excited if it is. :)



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