Headshot Photography Marketing Tips

Headshot Photography Marketing Tips

Marketing Headshots and How to Advertise Headshots. Do you want to know how to get more headshot clients? Follow the tips below.

Are you a headshot photographer looking to advertise your corporate headshots? Professional headshot photography is a must for adults, professionals and even students.  Capture that audience through the proper marketing channels and you can increase your bottom line in your photography business.

The Headshots Welcome Guide Template is designed to be the most effective way to market headshot photography in print collateral. It’s a custom portfolio that is small enough to give away and for potential clients to take with them. Show your entire range of headshots. Each type of business will have a different feel for what type of headshots they are looking for. 

1.  Brand yourself and find your ideal client

Healthcare professionals will most likely wear formal business attire, while creative agencies may choose outdoor shots that showcase each individuals personality. Magazines and photographer welcome guides are a great way to show your range of photography skills. Maybe you only do formal headshots or you prefer only to work with creative agencies. Let your headshot welcome guide brand your business and the point you in the direction of your ideal clients.

Everything from the colors and fonts to the words on the page will help you land your ideal client. Keep them in mind when you choose your photos and when you write headlines.

2.  Go get your clients!

One of the major benefits of marketing headshot photography with magazines and photography welcome guides is that they are small enough to mail without losing any of the quality. One way to capture new business is to send out your headshot magazine to businesses and agencies in your area. Target them by type. Remember, if your work is less formal and more creative, stick to companies that are similar to you.

Examples of places to send your headshots magazine are:

  • Creative agencies (marketing, graphics, advertising, web)
  • Small businesses
  • Talent agencies
  • Modeling agencies
  • Real estate firms

It is also a great photography marketing template for marketing for corporate headshots. 

3.  Network for leads

When starting a headshot photography business, take a look at your Linked In connections. Have you noticed how old or inappropriate those headshots are for almost 90% of your connections? Take your magazine and create it as a PDF. Send an email to all of your connections offering a special rate. I’m sure if you show them what they could look like – they would be instantly excited about the offer. Everyone wants to look good, especially in front of colleagues.

4.  Facebook Friday Headshots

Open your studio every Friday for an hour or two to let people drop in for headshots. Call it Facebook Friday. Promote it on…Facebook. Give each person who comes in a few options to choose from and email them a low-res version of their favorite photo to use on social media.

5.  Build business with yearly reminders

Each year should bring new headshots. Ask each person if you can have their email address and set up a reminder for the following year to encourage repeat business. The best part is – you can set it and forget it!

Here are some additional headshot photography resources: 

Thank you to Nicki Metcalf Photography for her beautiful headshot photography featured in this post!  

 Click here to find out more about the Headshots Welcome Guide Template


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