Mommy and Me Mini Session Ideas and Photoshoot Ideas


Mommy Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

Mommy and Me Photoshoot Ideas and Inspiration

What is a Mommy and Me Photoshoot? 

A mommy and me photoshoot is a type of photoshoot that captures the special bond between a mother and her child.

Mommy and me photoshoots can take place in a park, at a beach, or studio, and can be styled to fit the style of the mom and child. These photoshoots include natural, candid shots of the mother and child interacting and bonding, as well as some posed shots.

One of the best things about mommy and me photoshoots is that they allow mothers to get creative and have fun with their child. They can choose to dress up in matching outfits, bring along props or toys, or simply let their child's personality shine through in the photos.

10 Mommy and Me Poses for Inspiration: Creative Mother and Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

If you're a professional photographer looking for mother and daughter photoshoot ideas, here are 10 beautiful mom and daughter photoshoot ideas and poses for your next mommy and me photo session.

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"I wanted to capture a mom just simply being a mom. Coffee in hand and all!! No other distractions! Our babies grow up so fast and if we don't take the time to sit and watch we might just miss it. It's amazing what 30 minutes of one on one time with your little ones can do for the soul!" - Krista Reynolds

Mommy Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

Photo by Krista Reynolds (Above)


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Outdoor Mommy Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

An outdoor session with a mother and daughter is a great photoshoot idea. This mom wanted to spoil her daughter with a fun mommy and me photoshoot. "These sessions are so great because most often moms are behind the camera and aren't in the portraits with their family." - Darci Amundson

Mommy Daughter Photoshoot Ideas 4

Darci Amundson Photography (above)

I just love the expression on this little one's face. Christine Bezanson said this was the smiliest little baby she had ever seen! 

Mommy Daughter Photoshoot Ideas 3

Bezanson Photography (above)

I chose this image below because I love the expression on the mom's face... I think it captures a mom's heart. :)

Mommy Daughter Photoshoot Ideas 2

Wynona Benson Photography (above)

I chose this image below because I just love this type of pose with little ones! And check out that nice sun highlight on their hair! 

Mommy Daughter Photoshoot Ideas

Black Box Photography (above)

The photo below is from a Barefoot Mommy and Me studio session.  I love that idea! It  marks the 2 year old session for this little one.  I think mom's should do a session with their kids every year! 

Crystal Reyns Photography (above)

I chose this image below because it is such a beautiful set up that would be perfect for themed Mommy and Me session. 

Dani. Fine Photography  (above)

This photo below is of me and my own daughter taken by my husband.  You can tell she's making a face and not really smiling naturally. If you have kids you may experience them making faces when in front of the camera, right? Well, I'll take what I can get! ;) 

Reeves Photography (above)

I chose this image below because most of the mommy and me session photos I see are mom's with little kids elementary school age or younger.  Don't forget that mommy and me sessions can be done even with the teens too! :)

Amy Konieczka Photography (above) 

This little girl in the photo is 3 years old.  According to Wynona her dad has been away in the military and this makes the love and bond between mommy and Luci unbreakable. 

Wynona Benson Photography (above)

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