5 Must Have Tools to Teach Photography to Kids

If you are considering teaching a kids photography class here are the top 5 recommended tools. 

1) Activity Sheets.   Activity sheets can be a fun thing for the kids to take home or work on during the class time.  Be sure to make them fun.  Have a crossword puzzle or a word search.  And if you can, incorporate some of the students' names into the crossword puzzle.  They will have a lot of fun with this!

2) Powerpoint Presentation.  A Powerpoint presentation is great to have for those students who are visual learners... it should complement the course materials and highlight all the main points. 

3) Photographer Badge.  A photographer badge is a great tool because it allows the kids to get into the role of a photographer.  The kids will feel more "official".  It's a great take home souvenir from the class and is really helpful for you to keep track of their names. You can have these printed from McKenna Pro - select their luggage tag option - and just add a lanyard strap to it.  You can find the lanyards at office supply stores such as Office Max or Staples.  If you are on a budget you can print your own photographer badge and then insert it into  badge holders.  I've found badge some affordable badge holders at stores like Hobby Lobby.

4) Lesson Plans.  Lesson plans are a must when teaching any kids class.  You can use them to outline the course material that you will be teaching and also list the props or visual aids you will need during the class.  Along with the lesson plan you may want to print an attendance sheet as well. 

5) Card Games.  When teaching a kids class it's important to make the class fun.  That's why you need to incorporate learning games.  For the younger kids you can use card games such as a matching memory gameor bingo, and for the older ones you can use scenario cards with questions.  There is also a game called "what's in my bag" that teaches kids about the necessary tools of the photographer. 

All these must have tools are included in the Kids Basic Digital Photography Bundle. For a limited time you can get an additional 15% off your purchase with code "blogtools15" at checkout. 

How to teach photography to kids



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