Headshot photography marketing ideas

Photography Marketing: 3 Headshot Photography Marketing Tips

We live in a visual age, which means that you’ll be pressed to find a professional who doesn’t need a headshot at one point or another but what is the best way to actually generate awareness about your headshot photography services when there are so many options out there? 

The answer: Think outside the box

3 Unique headshot marketing ideas

1) Make your headshot photography business mobile

Adopt a food truck mentality and bring your headshot photography services to the people in your area. It’s not always easy to get customers to come to you so why not take the opposite route and bring your headshot services to them. Using an actual truck will make it easier to get around and it will provide you with a space to photograph your clients. Use your website to post a schedule of where you will be so that clients can make a plan to get to you during those times. This is not to say that you should necessarily go and invest in a truck but finding ways to make yourself more mobile could help bring in more business.

2) Host a headshot photography event

Host a headshot mini session event and give it a catchy name to draw people in. Mini sessions aren’t just for families anymore as professionals are also interested in having their photo taken without having to book a full shoot. You could even invite other vendors to supply food and drinks on the day and turn the event into a unique headshot experience that includes hair and makeup services.

3) Target co-op spaces 

Shared working spaces are popping up all over the country and are a great place to meet new entrepreneurs who may need professional headshots. You could arrange a headshot day with each of the co-op spaces in your area so that they can market it to their members or you can simply bring your camera along to the shared workspace that you currently rent. Get to know the entrepreneurs while you’re there as word of mouth marketing is incredibly powerful, particularly in the small business sector. It's always a great idea to bring along some printed Headshot Photography Welcome Guides  and to leave your business card with the receptionist before you leave.

The photography industry may be a competitive space but a little creativity goes a long way.

Check out the video below. You can find more like these on my YouTube channel by clicking here


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