Using Salons to Attract High-End Headshot Photography Clients

How to network with salons for high end headshot photography clients

When it comes to marketing your photography business, sometimes you really have to think outside the box to find innovative ways to attract new clients.

Finding new clients isn’t easy but it helps to know where to look. Salons are one of the best places to meet high-end headshot photography clientele. The only thing left to do is to think of a unique way to market your services to them.

3 Ways to Market Your Headshot Photography to Salon Clients

  1. Host a mini headshot event. If you’re going to market your headshot photography services, why not make a day out of it. Rope in a makeup and hairstylist to make the event even more appealing and get them to invite their customers too. Give your event a name and create some hype on social media to spread the word. You could even connect with a drinks provider who can supply beverages on the day.
  2. Rent a space in the salon. Salons are no strangers to renting space so if you know of a salon that has enough space or even an extra room, you could rent it on certain days of the week in exchange for them advertising your headshot photography services. Another option is to rent some wall space from a salon that will showcase images of clients who have had their headshots taken. If you do go this route, make sure that the wall looks modern, professional and that it displays your branding. An added bonus would be if you can partner with a salon that offers hair and makeup services to make it easy to find clients who would be ready for headshots. If you can’t necessarily rent a space in a salon, try and find a studio space that’s near a salon so that you can benefit from cross-promotion.
  3. Create a lookbook. Very often salons don’t have the time to create their own marketing material so they’ll generally create a basic flyer or display their prices on their websites. To market your headshot services, you could offer to create a marketing piece for them in exchange for them showcasing your work, making it a win-win for both parties. One idea is to create a headshot welcome guide that features before and after photos from hairstylists. Print these photos next to information about the benefits of headshots and how to choose a headshot photographer. The book can then include your pricing as well as the salon’s price list.

Salons are a great place to market your headshot photography services because people are socializing and networking. It’s simply a matter of finding a way to market your services in a way that blends in with the salon environment.


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