Mistakes photographers make with mini sessions

1) Not Limiting their Mini Sessions

Keep the sessions short (approx. 15-20 minutes per client). Make sure you are clear about how many photos are offered and everything that is included in the session. Limit the frequency of your mini sessions; once or twice a year is ideal. Remember, the goal is to get the clients to sign up for full sessions- not to encourage them to wait for mini sessions, which can be viewed as a sale in their minds. You want your mini sessions to give a sampling of your amazing photos, and not the ONLY photography service your clients enlist you for.

2) Not Promoting Mini Sessions

Spread the word with an online graphic that provides all the details. Share on Instagram with relevant hashtags (such as the city you live in, #minisessions #portraitphotography, #photographyspecial, and the type of session, such as #backtoschool and #schoolportraits, etc. Share on Facebook, and consider posting a boosted ad there as well. You can choose your target audience by age, gender, and area, which can be very helpful. Make sure to tag friends and family in your social media promotions, and ask them to share posts and help spread the word!

3) Not Upselling 

One of the main objectives in hosting mini photo sessions is to gain new customers who will book you for full-price photography services. There are several things you can do to increase your chances of turning mini session clients into loyal customers. One thing you can do is design and print a coupon for a special discount or offer pertaining to your full-price photo sessions. Highlight on the coupon that this special is just for new mini session clients, so that they feel like they are a part of a very exclusive offer. Another way to promote your full-price services is to have a beautiful welcome guide on hand, featuring your portfolio, list of photography services, and content that convinces the potential client that working with you is a win/win situation. 

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