earn income in your photography business during the slow season

Simple but effective ways for photographers to earn an additional income over the holiday season.

The holiday season is an exciting time. People are in a festive mood and on the hunt for gifts for their friends and loved ones.

This can be an especially lucrative time for photographers and the perfect time to start spreading the word about your services as you move into the New Year.

As we approach the end of the year, you might find that your traditional photography business slows down a bit. This means that you’ll need to thinking of other ways to supplement your income. Below are three ideas to get you started:

Santa Photo Sessions

Every year, thousands of children line up to have their picture taken with Santa, making this the perfect opportunity for photographers. Click here to find out more about earning an income by offering Santa photo sessions.

Teach Photography

There are loads of budding photographers out there that would love to learn from a professional so why not use this opportunity to earn an extra income over the holiday period? You could have a Kids Photo Camp over the holiday break with the Kids Basic Photography Curriculum.  Or you could offer a FREE photography class on how to take candid family Christmas photos... bring in the students as a way to get them thru the doors of your studio and then offer them a special deal on family portraits.  Want more tips for teaching? Read this article for tips on how to start teaching photography.

Offer Gift Cards

Photos are in every home and people love adding to their collection of memories. Now is the perfect time to start marketing and selling photography gift cards that can be used in the New Year. Click here to find out more about creating and selling photography gift cards.

how to teach photography


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