Tips for an In person sales session

Here are five need to know tips for a successful in-person sales session. 

1) Hold off on the sneak peaks

While it might be tempting to post a few images online soon after the session because you want something to use on your blog or social media pages as a way to maximize sales, you should hold off on doing this until after your sales appointment.

People’s excitement tends to fade after seeing some of their photos online. The first time they see their photos should be in your ordering session. This way they’re likely to place larger orders because they won’t have the opportunity to save images off of your social media pages or website. By holding off, not only do you increase your chances of receiving a larger order but you’ll get to hear them rave about their photos in person instead.

Bonus tip: Capitalize on this personal experience by having your phone ready and grabbing a quick video testimonial that you can post on your website or social media pages.

2) Schedule the meeting at your client’s home

Explain to your client that by meeting them at their home you can help them choose the images and print sizes that would look best in each location of their house. If they still opt to meet at a different location, try renting out a photo studio or at least find a quiet spot that you use for your session. Don’t go to busy places such as Starbucks; instead find a quiet coffee shop or even a bookstore that might have a coffee shop inside such as Barnes and Noble.

3) Offer incentives for larger orders

Bring a whole set of printed proofs to the meeting and offer it to your client at a discount if they spend a certain amount with you. You could even use this as a freebie if they purchase the entire disc of images. There is also the option to offer smaller digital images for Facebook as an add-on incentive.

4) Prepare your client for the meeting

The only surprising thing about your in-person session should be the small gift that you bring along with you such as a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Ensure that your clients have a pricelist for your prints, canvases and albums before they meet with you so that they know what to expect.

A great way to do this is to put together a small welcome guide that you can send them outlining what to expect from their in-person meeting with you. Many photographers choose this option as a way to keep their pricing hidden from other photographers in their area.

5) Practice, practice and practice some more

While it’s all good and well that your client is prepared for their meeting with you, you need to be prepared too. Part of the preparation includes knowing what things you need to bring to the session and how to chat through your various options. You could even practice on a friend or family member before your session.

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