Learning Photography Can Be as Engaging as Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go and Teach Kids Photography

You might be asking yourself what Pokémon Go and teaching photography to kids has in common? Think about it, what is the number one reason Pokémon Go is so popular? It gets kids outside and exploring.

This is especially great in the summertime, unless you live in the desert like I do and have excessive heat warnings popping up on your phone, telling you to stay inside. Even if you are inside, you can still make learning fun.

Think about the Pokémon Go concept, it’s a location-based, augmented reality game that requires you to locate and capture Pokémon in various places and spaces. In a sense, kids are actually photographing these creatures since they have to look for them and then capture them. So how does this apply to teaching photography?

When you’re teaching kids about photography, you want to make it fun. One way to do this is to create a photo scavenger hunt. Whether you’re teaching an afterschool photography club or teaching kids at a homeschool group, you can make the learning process fun.  

Choose different themes, topics, shapes or textures that the kids have to photograph. A-Z scavenger hunts work especially well as kids need to be creative and find objects that start with certain letters of the alphabet. Once their time is up, have them all come back together to share their photos and see who took the most. Comment on the creativity and composition of their images, and get them to engage in order for them to share their own perspectives.

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