Top 3 Reasons Photographers Should Be Blogging


Top 3 reasons photographers should be blogging

While many photographers have a blog, only a few are using it strategically to grow their business and get new clients. It’s common that photographers avoid blogging because they don’t know what to write or they get stuck creating content.

Although writing may not be your top skill, creating consistent blog content that educates, inspires and motivates your readers is your gateway to year round website traffic and of course, more clients! 

Creating your blog isn’t the hard part; it’s keeping it consistent and fresh with engaging content that can be difficult. Starting a blog requires a consistent schedule and commitment if you want to make an impact and become successful. 

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Here are the top 3 reasons why you should be blogging:

1) To Establish Trust With Your Readers

Your blog is your own creative outlet that allows you to showcase your work directly to your readers. You are sharing your voice and building a direct connection with them. Your blog gives an insight into your world and profession, allowing your readers to get to know you, like you, trust you, and of course buy from you. Building this connection and relationship with your readers through your blog is an important step in making sales and creating a long-term photography business.

2) To Educate Your Clients

Blogging with a combination of images and text allows you to produce content that not only inspires your readers but also educates them. This is your chance to share information on your policies, your photography style and method and why the investment they’ll make buying from you will all be worth it.

Using your blog as a platform to educate also reduces the stress on you, as you are being open and upfront with your readers. Approaching blogging as a way to educate your readers also helps keep them on your site, as they’re highly engaged and wanting to know more.

3) It Will Boost Your Expertise and Credibility

Blogging is a powerful tool for boosting yourself as an expert in your field. There is so much competition in the photography industry already, so it’s important to use your blog to set yourself apart from the competition and elevate your expertise.

As many photographers don’t blog regularly (or at all), you can truly become a leader in your industry by sticking to a consistent schedule, creating interesting blog content with both images and text, and truly standing out as a leader within your community.

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