A Photographer's Guide to Pricing Photography Mini Sessions

A Photographer's Guide to Pricing Mini Sessions

One of the biggest questions most photographers have is how do I price my photography mini sessions?

Mini sessions are a great way for photographers to add a new offering to the mix that will appeal to a wider audience. You can host a mini session event for just about any genre of photography.  Offering mini sessions doesn’t mean selling your regular photography sessions and products for less, instead it means simplifying your offering and spending less time on the shoot. 

Below are some things you will want to keep in mind when planning your photography mini session pricing.


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  1. Outline your goals. Decide how much income you would like to make from the sessions and how much time you will be willing to dedicate to them.
  1. Consider all your expenses. Before you set your prices, remember to factor in all costs that you may incur including marketing, your welcome guide templates, editing, props and hiring an assistant.
  1. Limit the time.A photography mini session shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes so consider this when setting your prices and timeline.
  1. Make it a limited offer. To make your mini sessions even more appealing, highlight the fact that they’re available for a limited time only. Scarcity motivates people to take action sooner rather than later so that they don’t miss out. By making your mini sessions sound more exclusive, you’ll attract clients faster. Also consider limiting the number of sessions you make available each year. 
  1. Add something extra. Increase the appeal of your mini sessions by adding something unique to your offering such as a frame or an 8x10 print. Don’t forget to factor this into your mini session pricing.
  1. Create packages. Change up the available options by offering mini session packages. But don’t offer too many options to choose from as it can be overwhelming. I suggest limiting the packages to no more than three with your optimal pricing package being the middle one.
  1. Outline the session. Make sure that potential clients understand that the mini session won’t be like a regular photo session. It will be specific and simple and won’t include outfit and background changes.
  1. Create a fun price list. Make your mini session price list stand out by running sessions around special events such as Mother’s Day or Christmas. And make sure all your marketing materials, welcome guides and mini session price sheets match when it comes to design.
  2. Have a Mini Session Photography Contract.  Even though mini sessions are shorter session, don't neglect to have your photography clients sign a contract. 

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