How to Create a Photography Marketing Plan that Brings in More Business

Creating a Photography Marketing Plan that Brings in More Business

A marketing plan is necessary for every photography business. Without a clear understanding of who your customers are, how they think, and the best way to reach them, you might as well be doing business in the dark.

While there are a number of free marketing plan templates available online, there is actually a simple formula you can follow to attract and convert more customers.

The Photography Sales Funnel Turned Marketing Plan

Your sales funnel is actually one of the best tools to use when creating a marketing plan for your photography business. Basing your marketing plan on your sales funnel will ensure you are reaching clients at every stage of the journey and can gradually move them along to the booking stage.

The key is to keep potential photography clients engaged at every stage. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow:

  • This is the stage when potential clients become aware of your brand and the services you offer. During this stage, you will need to use tactics that will draw the right types of customers to your website, social media advertising being one of the most effective tactics.
  • This is the second stage of the funnel and requires you to get potential clients to engage with your brand. This could be in the form of commenting on a blog post, signing up for your newsletters or downloading your latest ebook.
  • This is the stage where the customer books with you. During this stage, you may need to use tactics such as re-marketing and e-mail campaigns to get clients to take that final step.

The sales funnel makes it that much easier to decide on the marketing activities you should be spending the most time on and where you should allocate more budget. When you’re just starting out, naturally, you will be focusing on the first stage more than anything else.

Now all that’s left to do is add in your research on your photography niche, competitors, and what your target audience really wants.



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