How to Have Confidence as a Photographer

Photography is more than just pushing a button and capture the perfect image. It is about being able to see beauty where others do not and capturing even the most ordinary moments in an extraordinary way. While many photographers seem to have an effortless confidence in their abilities many photographers question whether they should even bother picking up a camera again. Here are five simple ways you can begin to have more confidence in your photography abilities.

1. Know your gear.

Knowing how to use your camera and equipment will help you feel more confident in any shooting situation. Reading the user manual for your camera is a great place to start. This will allow you to know how to use the settings and make adjustments so you don't miss out on capturing key moments.

 2. Educate yourself

Aside from understanding and learning how to use your camera and equipment you really want to learn about different techniques as well. Taking a photography class or two can be highly beneficial as you can learn about lighting, posing, capturing motions and more. The more you educate yourself with different styles and techniques the more confident you will be when you go out and shoot

3. Practice

You can read every photography book, take every course, and completely understand your equipment inside and out but none of that information will do you much good if you don't put it to use. The only way you will improve your photography skills is if you go out and shoot. The more you shoot the more you will learn through each session, and the more confidence you will have.

4. Get feedback

Whether you are a beginning photographer or a veteran photographer, you need to get some honest and constructive criticism of your work. Join photography groups on social media, enter in a photography contest, and just get your work out there.  Remember that everyone will have their own opinion and preferences when it comes to photography but getting feedback on your work will help you improve as well as understand the craft even more.  Join my FB group, post your work and get feedback during one of our Mid-Week Critiques. 

5.  Learn from mistakes

Every photographer has made mistakes. From using the wrong lens, overexposing images to tripping while in the middle of capturing the perfect shot. It is bound to happen and more often than you might imagine. Mistakes are a great way to learn, but don’t dwell on them. Instead, learn from your mistakes and do better next time. It's a learning process and you will never stop learning no matter how many or how few shoots you do.

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