Top Photography Business Tips for Mother's Day Mini Sessions

Photography Business Tips for Mother's Day Mini Sessions

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for another round of mini sessions, one of the best ways to boost your income over special days and holidays throughout the year.  BONUS... want a FREE Mommy and Me Mini Session template? Click here

If moms are anything, they’re super sentimental, which is why Mother’s Day mini photo sessions have become such a popular gift.

Whether you’ve offered them before or will be offering them to clients for the first time this year, here are a few tips that you can use to make the most out of your mini sessions.

1) Create a Very Special Offer

If you feel like you are in an area that is saturated with photographers and you want to stand out from your competition consider creating an offer that is different from other photographers in your area. This might mean networking with other complimentary vendors such as hair salons or spas to create a special mother's day package.  If you are teaching basic photography classes in your photography business, consider offering a coupon for a free class or a coupon for a percent off a basic photography class with purchase of every mini session.  Or you could also offer a special frame as a gift with purchase. Just work with what you have and be creative. 

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2) Be Clear on the Details

The more details you can give your clients, the smoother your mini sessions will run. Clearly tell clients how long the mini session will be, what the cost is, and how many images they will receive once they’re done. It also really helps to give them an idea of turnaround times, otherwise you might be receiving several emails every day from clients who are asking when their photos will be ready.

3) It’s Never Too Early to Start Marketing

Start letting your clients know about your mini sessions as soon as possible, as many people will start booking sessions in April already in order for them to have their photos by Mother’s Day. The earlier you start marketing, the higher chances of receiving more bookings.  Click here for a FREE Mini Session template to help promote your sessions. 

4) Schedule Mini Session Days

Schedule a few mini session days that people can choose from instead of spacing them out in between your other shoots.  But keep the number of spaces limited so that clients will value your time. It also helps to choose a location that you are familiar with. 

5) Don't Forget to Follow Up

Don't forget that the mini session is only the beginning of your relationship with your clients. It should be used as a way for them to experience a sample of your services  and get to know you so that they will reach out when they need more custom photo sessions in the future. Make sure you collect their information at the session, especially their e-mail address so you can follow up with them. You might even offer a drawing for a FREE family session to those who attend your mini session. This is a great way to get them to give you their e-mail address and look forward to hearing from you in the future. 

Basically, the more organized you can be, the better. Mother's day mini sessions are a fantastic way to earn extra income and increase the size of your client database for marketing purposes throughout the year.

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