how to make money online with photography business

7 Ways to Make Money with Photography Online 

If you’re one of the photographers that are now needing to work from home, here are a few ways that you can make some extra income.

The world has recently gone through some changes, but this doesn’t mean your photography business needs to come to a grinding halt. In fact, one of the best things about being a photographer is that there are so many creative ways to earn an income, even if you must work from home.

Here are a few photography-based ideas that you can use to earn money until you can get back to business as usual.

How to Make Money with Photography When You are Stuck at Home

1. Sell Photography Prints Online

Do you specialize in landscape or wildlife photography? Now is the perfect time to sort through your portfolio, pick out some of your best shots and start selling them online. Consider what people might want to display in their homes or offices and create a page on your site where you can start selling prints. You don’t need to have a fully functional eCommerce store either. Simply get people to fill out a form that indicates which prints they want. You send them the invoice and they receive their prints. There is a chance that the print deliveries might be delayed depending on the quarantine measures that are in place at that time, so be sure to note this on your order form or website.

sell photography prints online

2.  Sell Photos Online

This idea is also great for photographers who specialize in landscape or wildlife photography.  Consider licensing your images and selling your photos to stock websites.  If you're a pet photographer or wedding photographer, this could work for you also. If you would like to learn how to sell photos online and make money you can find some great classes and even some free resources here


3.  Teach Photography Online

Kids photography classes have become increasingly popular and since most children are now at home, this is a great time to offer online photography lessons. There are so many apps that you can use to conduct online classes, including Zoom and Skype. Need to reach parents? Add yourself to a few local community pages on Facebook where you can advertise your online photography classes. Many parents would be grateful to find something that will help keep their children busy during this time. Want to teach kids photography online, but need a little help? This pre-made photography for kids lesson kit will help you get started quickly. In fact, one photographer was able to make $250 within 24 hours of purchasing the online photography lesson kit. You can see how she did it in this interview here

teach photography online

As much as the kids need something to do from home right now, there are many moms who may be bored and looking for online classes. If you're looking for a pre-made lesson kit to teach photography to moms online, check out this photography for moms online curriculum

4.  Create Styled Stock Photography

The popularity of styled stock photography has skyrocketed in recent years. More and more brands and businesses want to convey a specific message and customer experience using unique imagery. Styled stock photos are not only used on websites but social media too, which can give you excellent exposure if you can get in with a few brands that have a strong online following. Styled stock photography is putting the human touch back into branding, giving businesses the chance to connect with their audience in a way that stands out in a sea of competitors. There is a wide variety of websites that sell styled stock photos, including Styled Stock Society, Haute Stock and Sourced Co.

create and sell styled stock photography

5.  Create Custom Styled Stock Photography

This idea is similar to the one above it but is especially great if you're a Personal Brand Photographer. Reach out to your current client base and see if there are any custom styled stock images they need for their social media. You could even offer this service on a monthly or quarterly basis and start earning some recurring revenue for your photography business.

6.  Try Product Photography for E-commerce

You might not be able to get to clients, but they can send you their products. Many businesses haven’t stopped marketing and there has never been a better time to update product images than now when business is slow. Reach out to businesses you know can afford product photography and offer to help them out.  A lot of e-commerce businesses need photos of their products. Some of them may even need photo editing of simple things such as dropping out a background.  Also consider many maker businesses on Etsy. Many of them have products that they can send you to photograph for them. 

7.  Reach Out to Past Photography Clients

When last did you reach out to past clients? Now is the ideal time to do so. With so many people staying at home, we all need to think of unique gift alternatives for birthdays as well as Mother’s and Father’s Day. Canvas prints always make for excellent gifts, so why not create an offering around this while you’re working from home. What’s more, you can even offer to drop ship the gift to the recipient, reducing the need for customers to leave their homes.

This is certainly a crazy time we're living in, but with a little out-of-the-box thinking, there’s no reason why your photography business can’t continue to thrive.

how to make money online with photography

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