How to Make Money with Photography

Tips for How to Make Money with Photography

1) Start Teaching Photography

There is always someone to teach who wants to learn to use their camera and take better photos. Why not offer photography beginning photography classes or photography for kids classes in your area. If you want to teach kids photography as a way to make money and get new clients through your doors.  

2) Help small businesses with their marketing.

No matter what business you run or which industry you’re in, if you’re not online, chances are you’re losing out on a lot of potential business. This is where photographers come in. Offer to help businesses better market themselves online by assisting them professional photos that they can use on their websites and on social media. Take a stroll around your neighborhood and chat to local business owners to find out how you can assist them.

3) Target Airbnb listings

A picture is worth a thousand words, something that is especially true when you’re looking for a place to call home for a few days or weeks. Search the Airbnb website for locations in your area, you will quickly see how many people are using really bad photos to advertise their apartments and homes. As a photographer, you could approach local Airbnb owners who don’t seem to be getting many responses about improving their listings with better photos. Be sure to have some examples that you can show people before you go this route though. If you don't have a portfolio for this perhaps you can offer to take photos of someone's home so you can have a before and after to show.

4) Consider Product Photography

Approach local businesses or entrepreneurs who are selling products. Tell them about your photography services. Websites such as Etsy are a great place to look for people who may be in need of professional product shots for their websites or brochures.  If they're selling something small like a mug or t-shirt it can be easily sent thru the mail, photographed and then you can send it back to them.

5) Print Your Work

If you happen to live near a beautiful site or popular attraction such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park or The Golden Gate Bridge, you could take a few great shots and print on nice canvases or acrylics and offer to  sell them to visitors and tourists.  You could also even have your most popular image printed on a t-shirt and sell the t-shirts. 

6) Try Real Estate Photography

Convincing someone to purchase their dream home can be simple enough but generating interest in a property is where many real estate agencies struggle. Photos play a huge role in how attractive a listing is, which is why this is a great opportunity for photographers to make some extra money. Get in touch with the real estate agencies and brokers in your area to find out whether you can assist them with future listings.

7) Sell Stock Photography

You can use your current photography niche to break into the stock photo sector. Whether you love photographing animals or you’re a wedding photographer, you could consider selling some of your shots to stock websites. Just keep in mind that’s best not to use photos that showcase the faces of your clients. Instead consider using detail shots such as wedding flowers or jewelry.

8) Offer Personal Brand Photography or Personal Branding Photography

There are so many bloggers and industry professionals out there who need updated shots of themselves for their websites, business cards, and printed marketing materials. Add this to your list of services. And if you need a way to market your branding photography check out the Personal Brand Photography Magazine Template.

9) Help others build a photo inventory

Taking photos for insurance purposes has become a very popular way for people to prove that they actually owned a specific item and what condition they were in prior to them losing it. While this is not the most creative service to offer, it can certainly help bring in some additional income.

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