Newsletter Ideas for Photographers

Photographer Newsletter Ideas

A question a lot of photographers ask about email marketing is "What do I send to my e-mail subscribers once I have built an e-mail list?"

Here are a few ideas of what you should e-mail to your list once you have one:

1) Send Them to Your Social Media

If you want to get more followers or engagement on your Facebook page or Instagram account, then send an e-mail to your list linking to one of your popular posts.  Ask them to go check it out and comment on it. To get more engagement, ask them a question that they have to respond to in the comments of the post. 

2) Send Them to a Recent Session

If you just posted photos from a from a recent session, send an e-mail with a link to that session. To get more clicks in the email create an image from your session that is blurred. In your email, tell them to "click the image" to reveal the photo. This will automatically increase engagement in your email, which in turn will increase email open rates. Remember to link the image in your email back to the blog post of your recent photo session. 

3) Send Them to a Blog Post

We all know that blogging takes time and effort. What's the point of spending all that time and effort if no one is reading your post. Each time you write a new blog post be sure to send out an email to your list.  Give them a little summary of what the post is about and then have them "click to find out more".  If it's a blog post with a numbered lists, highlight a specific number of a tip that is your favorite.  This is creating an open loop in their mind.  They will click on the link to go see what the post is about.

If you're a member of the photographer's pre-written blog post subscription plan, you can schedule an e-mail to go out each time you upload a new blog post.  

4) Send An Email About an Upcoming Event

If you're having an upcoming mini session event or themed event, send out an email to your subscribers with information about the event. Or you could have a limited spaces event and send  your subscribers a link letting them know that because they are on your email list they get the first opportunity to sign up for a session. Remind them that one of the perks of being on your email list is that they are the first ones to hear about your special promos and events. 

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Photographer Newsletter Ideas

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