24 Photography Marketing Ideas for 2024

24 photography marketing tips and ideas

It's 2024 and there are a lot of effective and affordable marketing strategies that you can use to get more photography clients in your photography business. Here are 24 ways to get more photography clients in 2024.

1. Content Marketing. Create helpful and educational content to share on your blog or social media. For example, you could take some text from any of the welcome guide templates and repurpose it on your social media.

2. Join Facebook Groups. Do you know of facebook groups where your ideal client visits? For example, if you are a wedding photographer or wedding professional, you might join the facebook group called “I’m Engaged, Now What?”  Offer pieces of advice and join in the comments when couples post. If readers are interested, they will message you.  

Facebook groups are also a great way to learn more about your ideal client.  If you’re a high school senior photographer, try joining some of the parent groups of colleges or universities in your area. Moms are frequently looking for photographers in the area to take graduation photos.

3. Blog Consistently. Are you posting to your blog on a regular basis? You don't have to post every single day, you can post as little as once a week. The main thing is to establish a consistency and rhythm. Get your audience used to expecting your blog posts on certain days.  Check out these done for you blog posts to help you save time.  

4. Share Tips on Social Media. For example, if you’re a family photographer, maybe you could share your top tips for getting kids to smile for their family photos, or you could use thesepre-made social media posts to share tips on what to wear for family photos.

5. Make Instagram Reels or TikTok Videos. You could also repurpose content from these blog posts to create short tips videos for instagram and TikTok.  If you use trending music or videos you can get a lot of organic reach even if you have a small following on social media. 

6. Create a Facebook Group For Your Photography Business.  Create a private Facebook group and share some tips inside the group. This can also double as a way to generate emails for your list. Post a link to your private facebook group and have them enter their email address before they are approved as a member.  Facebook groups are also a great place to have live discussions or live meet and greets. You could do an "Ask Me Anything" for potential clients to ask questions about how you work at a session.  This idea is also great for wedding photographers. 

By the way, if you're not part of my Facebook group, click here to join. 

7. Email Your Subscribers. E-mail marketing is actually one of the most affordable types of marketing out there. It has the most return on investment over any other type of marketing. If you have an email list, send your email subscribers a special promotion or offer. If you don't have an e-mail list yet, or want to grow your email list I recommend this class that teaches how to get started. 

If you already have an e-mail list but aren't sure what to send to your subscribers, these pre-written e-mails will help you get started. 

8. Create Small Videos for Instagram Stories or Reels. Using Stories and Reels can be a highly effective strategy for promoting your photography business.

Stories are great for sharing behind-the-scenes content, and giving a personal touch to your business. Show how you work, from setting up shoots to editing. Use features like polls and questions to engage viewers and get valuable feedback.

Reels are good for creating short, engaging videos that highlight your best work. You could create before-and-after sequences of your editing process, quick tutorials, or slideshows of your images.

9. Host a Livestream.  Host a livestream event and engage with viewers. One easy one is to host a live  behind the scenes during a photo shoot. Or consider sharing your screen while you're editing and show everyone the process you go through when you edit photos.  You could also interview past clients and ask them questions about what it was like working with you. 

10. Get referrals from clients. Ask your best clients if they could refer you. If you offer a small referral incentive it can go a long way!

11. Get referrals from other businesses. Clients aren’t the only place referrals can come from.  Talk to some business owners in your area and see if they need marketing photos or headshots for their website. Let them know about your referral program.

12. Write a press release. If you're having a special themed event for your business let the public know. Maybe you're teaching photography classes to moms or kids. Consider donating a portion of proceeds from your session or class to a local charity. News outlets love to do stories on local businesses doing things to help the community.

13. Keep informed of online conversations. Make sure you keep an eye out for what conversations are happening online that could be related to your business. You can learn a lot about your market by seeing what conversations they’re having. Check out other facebook pages that also service your ideal client and see what they are posting and what comments people are leaving on the posts.

14. Send out a client survey. Get feedback from your clients that you can use to make improve your sessions. You can use an app such as Survey Monkey.  Maybe they will leave a review or testimonial that you can post on your website or social media.

15. Create a collaborative event. Look for a complimentary business and create a collaborative event where you could both benefit from each other's clients or e-mail list.  Make sure it benefits both businesses.  For example you could combine your services with another small business services and host one big giveaway.  You would want to maximize this by building lots of buzz around the giveaway to spread brand awareness. 

16. Write your unique value proposition.  Do you know your unique value proposition. Create a business statement that explains how you uniquely meet your clients’ needs and insert this wherever you have a profile online. Think about the benefit to the clients and not necessarily what services you offer. For example, the tagline in my wedding photography business was “Enjoy Your Day”. I knew that the one thing brides who booked me wanted most was to enjoy the day. They wanted a photographer who would handle everything for them, capture all the candid moments so they could just have fun, relax and enjoy their day.

17. Write a Guest Blog Post.Find a blogger that caters to your ideal client and ask if you can be a featured blogger on their website. You can even use text from these pre-written blog posts to help you save time. 

18. Be a guest on a podcast. Make sure it is a podcast that caters to your ideal client. Even if it’s not local you can send your email list a link to the podcast. This will help further position you as an expert in your area.

19. Host a giveaway on social media. Give away a sitting for a session or a gift certificate that can be applied to a session. You may even want to collaborate with local businesses in your area that are similar to you to get even more reach.

20. Look on Quora and other Q&A sites to see what questions people are asking about your niche of photography or services

21. Offer Educational Opportunities such as webinars, online group coaching sessions for other photographers or simply teach a basic photography class. You can use any of these done-for-you photography curriculum bundles to get started. By positioning yourself as a teacher, once again you will be appearing as an “expert” for those who are considering booking you. And these days it’s very important to stand out from the competition.

22. Contact local influencers and try to get them talking about your services. This could be on Instagram or even podcasts. If it’s a local Instagram influencer consider offering the influencer a free photo session in exchange for a shout out on their profile.

23. Use Gift Certificates  If you get creative you can use gift certificates as a way to get new clients.  A lot of small businesses are doing this. You could offer a gift certificate with purchase, offer gift certificates for those who refer you new clients or have a contest where you give away a free gift certificate as a way to grow your e-mail list and build your brand awareness. For more tips on how to use photography gift certificates to get more clients read this blog post

24. Have a Cover Contest.

This one works great to use with the 40 Over 40 Magazine Template or the High School Senior Photography Magazine Template. Take photos from client sessions and put them in the magazine template cover. Post on you social media accounts and have people vote on them. You could give away a session credit or print credit to the winner. 

Make a list of your favorite three ideas from this list and try them out. Then see what is working and what is not. Then try something new when you need a boost in your marketing.  Soon you will have your own little bag marketing tricks ready and waiting for you whenever you need them.

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