Teach Photography Summer Camp for Kids

How to Teach a Kids Photography Summer Camp

photography camp is a great idea for any budding photographer. This type of camp offers lessons to teach kids how to use their camera. We have a Kids Photography Camp Curriculum that will help save you so much work and time. It includes all the photography lessons pre-written for you, a kids photo camp registration form, sign up sheet and even posters for marketing your photography class. it's has topics similar to the kids photography curriculum such as the history of photography, composition, camera presets, exposure, white balance, and then photography careers.

it also includes a one of a kind card game. It's a matching card game. You can have the cards printed at MOO (moo.com).  Or you can print them and laminate them.  You can use them to play a matching memory card game with the kids or a game like Go Fish.  You can also use the cards for a headbands game where each child wears a headband with their card on it and walks around asking each other questions about the card on their head to try and guess it.  They ask 20 questions like, "Do I photograph kids? Do I photograph indoors or outdoors? , etc.."

This helps to get the kids exposed to all the different areas of photography that are available. I've included 25 different types of photographers in the mix, get the children thinking outside of the box.

It also includes two poster templates, an 8.5x11 and an 11x17.  Print and hang these  in local businesses on bulletin boards or place at the counter of kid friendly businesses.

The photography lessons are included and you can either do a five day camp, Monday through Friday, or you might opt to host it over five weeks, doing one day a week. You can use this any time of the year, and you can even take it and put it into a photography club for the upcoming school year, so it's really versatile. 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. 

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