Top 3 Things Every Biz Owner Needs to Know

As a business owner myself, I know what it's like walking down this kind of road. It's exciting and thrilling when you get to step out on your own and start your own company from the ground up, but let me be's not easy! TRUTH.

I've been down this entrepreneur road a time or two and am actually still traveling on it... I love the joy of getting to see your own hard work flourish, getting to step into your "office" every day knowing you LOVE WHAT YOU DO...and in the time I've been on here, I've learned a few things or two in regards to business and what's most important for the entrepreneur mentally. Shall I share?

1. YOU are not THEM.
One of the biggest hurdles any business owner faces is this act of comparing where they are to where everyone else is. AHH! Don't do that sweet friend! What's been put inside of you, this beautiful entrepreneur spirit, is 100% unique to YOU and your vision to create something different and special and impacting is a dream only YOU can make happen. So don't compare. Stay focused. Stay set with your eyes on your personal dreams, not on the success of everyone else's.

As a business owner, it's so easy to lose sight of your family. Sometimes you might even think they are holding you back. But remember - they are YOUR REASON! Yes, stopping what you are doing to help the littles or make dinner or change another diaper is EXHAUSTING - and seems counterproductive. You get into your hustle, one thing leads to another and before you know it, you've gone hours without looking up from your phone. Although our businesses are amazing and wonderful, they cannot come before our family! So set up the boundaries and stick to them. Keep business hours and spend family time with family!

Business may be fast paced and booming at first, but at some point, somewhere along the journey, it may level out or even begin to plateau a little. When this happens, just keep going. Stay persistent. Stay pliable. Be willing to try new things. Be willing to step out and ask other entrepreneur's for advice. Keep pushing forward and keep connecting with clients, old and new. It's in the hard moments where we want to call it quits, but these moments happen for literally every business owner. We can give up on our dream when they do. If we push through and stick with it, if we are willing to try new things and market in new ways (social media would be one amazing new way to learn if you haven't already), then we WIILL cross over this hard place. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

I have not arrived. Not by a long shot. And really..does any entrepreneur EVER arrive to their final destination and goals for their business? We are always dreaming further, always making new goals, always coming up with new ideas. It's in our blood. We can't resist it, am I right?!


Serial entrepreneur, Trae has been a boss babe for 9 years, running Devoted Knitsn Photography by Trae and being in the top 1% of the LipSense lipstick revolution all with a cup of coffee in her hand and bright lipstick on! Check her out here:


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