Summer is almost here! The temperature is rising, and the days are longer and sunnier than ever.

If you want to book more photography clients in June, here are a few special holidays, occasions, and ideas for your marketing materials so you can start out the summer strong!

  1. Summer-Themed Mini Sessions
    You can kick off the warmer weather by offering a deal on summer-themed mini sessions. Advertise a fun in the sun session complete pool themed props including oversized floaties, and sunglasses.  You could tie in the session price with how hot the temperature is outside. For example here in Arizona if it's 110 degrees outside I might offer a session for $110 (but would normally be a lot higher).  If you go this route you would want to up sell prints and products to make up for the lower session fee.  June is also a popular month for an Americana themed session, with a flag background and fun props. (That way, your clients will have something ready to share once the 4th of July rolls around!)

  2. Best Friends Day
    Best Friends Day is June 8th, which also happens to be my birthday.  For this holiday try offering a special on a best friends shoot. You can also try advertising a BOGO session -- buy one, give one to your best friend!  If it happens to be your birthday month (like mine) you could advertise a birthday special. 

  3. Father’s Day
    What family doesn't want sweet photos of Dad with his kids? After all, that makes the perfect Father’s Day gift. Offer a special on daddy-and-me sessions.  Sometimes dads might not want always be happy about getting in front of the camera.  For those dads why not offer a session for the kids only and then sell it in a beautiful themed Father's day frame that dad can put on his desk at home or work. 

    Daddy and Me Photography Mini Session Template

    Are you looking for more engagement on your social media accounts? Then have a Father's Day Photo Contest. Ask your clients to submit their favorite photo of their dad or with their dad. You could even have them write a short explanation of why they think their dad deserves to win. Then have people vote by clicking like on their favorite entry.

  4. National Kissing Day, Did you know there was such a day as "National Kissing Day?"  June 22nd is National Kissing Day -- which means it's smack in the middle of wedding season. Offer a special promotion to couples who book their wedding or engagement photos with you during the month of June. 

  5. Camera Day
    Nowadays, so many people own nice DSLR cameras but don't really know how to use them. This June 29th, use “Camera Day” as an excuse to invite people to take a basic photography class from you. You can choose from any of our teaching photography bundles here. Or you may even want to teach a Smartphone Photography Class.

  6. National Pink Day
    This June 23rd, advertise special “pretty in pink” sessions, complete with a bright pink backdrop and fun props. These sessions would be so fun for women of all ages!  You could even tie this in with breast cancer awareness day as the ribbon for this cause is pink also.  

  7. Niche Holidays
    Do you have a specific niche you target? Look for holidays that might be special to them and offer them a special promotion. For example, June 26th is Beauticians Day. If you’re looking to target local beauticians or  to network with local salons, consider putting together a gift bag with your marketing materials and a special treat and hand-delivering it to them to recognize their special day. It’ll definitely make you stand out from other photographers!

June offers a variety of opportunities to creatively market your photography business.  By tapping into these special holidays, collaborating with local businesses, and leveraging your social media, you can attract new clients and grow your business. 

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Crystal Webster
Crystal Webster

June 18, 2019

These are great!!! I’m just starting my photo biz… moving from long-time hobbyist to professional… Coukd be a great “get my name out there” boost!!!
How long would you suggest a mini-session be?

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